Baby Gear- Suggestions?

Updated on June 27, 2015
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Mamas & Papas-

Going over to a friend's house this afternoon to get first dibs on her aggregated second hand baby gear. She has cast offs of mine, hers, and from a few others. She offered a tub, gates, swings,walkers and other gear. We no longer have anything on hand save for a crib/toddler bed frame and a stroller. Whatever we don't take she plans to soon be rid of either through a garage sale or by donating to charity. Any tips on what we should shouldn't take? Anything you found excessive/ indispensible?

Thanks a bunch,
F. B.

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So What Happened?

My inclination was to take whatever she is willing to part with, and even a second to have at grandmas house. Most everything we had for DS proved useful, even if only briefly. i.e. the exersaucer proved good for about a month and a half, but it was a godsend for that month and a half. Space is at a premium though for both us and grandma so if there is anything that really doesn't make sense, i.e for us with DS we realized we had no use for a baby monitor, a bottle warmer, a wipes warmer, a diaper genie we can do with not having it around.

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answers from Chicago on

All you need is a play gym for the floor. With my third, I literally reduce it to just that -and my baby carriers. I didn't miss all the other stuff, and I had everything with my first.

Why even bother having it for a month? If you put hem on the floor, they are better off anyway :-) and you can out the gym away when you don't want to use it.

With that said, I did also use a playpen to contain her when she started moving. I love an old fashion playpen. I put all the baby toys in it, and it's a great safe space for baby when you shower. Mine collapses, so again, I could easily just out it away.

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answers from Houston on

Babies are so different. What worked for one of mine was as complete no go for the next. With that in mind I would take whatever she had on hand and which you could comfortably store until you can decide whether it will work or not. Best to have than not have was my motto. Good luck.

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answers from Springfield on

i felt so lucky to have gotten all baby gear second hand. i borrowed a swing, changing table/dresser combo, walker, exersaucer, and bought the rest because i wanted a different style or wanted a new/working one. had to get a tub because she didn't have one... i would take what i needed and offer to return it when done


answers from Boston on

My cousin had one of those Mamaroo "swings" that has a hanging mobile and a whole variety of movement patterns/speeds/vibrations vs. a traditional swing. It takes less room than a regular old-style swing and it can be set on a table if you're vigilant. They're expensive but look for a hand-me-down or on Craigslist.

I think you can do without a tub if you're pressed for space - use a thick towel in the sink, and once the baby is sitting, I thought a tub ring was great. Now I've seen people put a bigger child (9 months-2 years) in a regular laundry basket set into the tub - the water goes through the holes, the 4 sides keep the baby contained, and a few toys fit inside and don't float away. I didn't do a lot of bath toys - tupperware, funnel, colander worked great until age 3.

I agree about the changing table being unnecessary - I was always changing my kid on the pad in the diaper bag or on a towel.

We never used a walker much - they kept bumping into things like doorways and chairs, and my son was on his feet at 8 months and running at 9, so it was useless for us.

But I do see what people are saying about things helping you keep your sanity even if you only use them for 4-6 weeks. What we need is a "lending library" for equipment that you sign out and return in a month, just like a library book! A friend of mine lives in co-housing, where people share large kitchen equipment, yard tools, hardware/tools, and a large community room for parties or holiday dinners. There's a certain logic to that



answers from Los Angeles on

The swing was indispensable for one of mine but a no go for the other two. Tub yes (I ended up using multiple types, loved the one that fits into your kitchen sink!) , walkers or rather sauces are a life saver (walkers considered unsafe), gates can be very space specific.

At the end of the day, you can't always know what will be indispensable to you and your baby. If you have the space, error on the side taking more and donating what you don't need (if its getting donated anyways).

minimal for me, was not so minimal as it turned out. I made great use out of any baby activity center (like saucers and those dangling toys for babies when they lay on the floor). Baby carriers (ergo was fav. but Bjorn was handy too). High chair. And go for that baby swing, it could be a life saver. If not, pass it along. Some things baby will only use for a few months, but if it buys you 15-20 min to do dishes, it will be worth all the space it takes.


answers from Los Angeles on

The only thing I can think of that was not of any use was the change table. I always changed diapers on a towel on the bed/floor/couch etc. Once my kids started using the exersaucer they were done with the swing. The Jolly Jumper wasn't completely necessary, but it was fun. I used the tub for the first six months. Walkers are illegal here. Gates were used for a few years. I liked toys that converted from baby toys to toddler toys.

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