Where to Buy Great Winter Gear

Updated on August 01, 2010
L.S. asks from Roanoke, TX
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Hi mamas! We just moved to Nebraska from Texas this past Spring so we are not prepared for the upcoming Winter. Where do you buy warm clothes and outerwear for your family? From an online store/catalogue or somewhere more local? My daughter is three and I figure we need boots, a coat, snow pants, and a hat/glove set. I will be having a baby in November and am not sure what exactly I need to buy for him other than one of those covers that goes around the carseat. Also, anyone know where to buy an expensive but reliable snowblower? Used is okay for the snowblower. Any suggestions will be helpful!!

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So What Happened?

I found almost everything we need under the 'Overstock' category at Land's End. I can't believe the great prices! Thank you to everyone for your help!

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answers from Boston on

We live in Boston and I seem to always wait until it is cold before I realize we need stuff. When you need a winter coat in December, the malls have frilly Easter dresses! When it is already snowing, we can only find cold weather stuff at consignment stores. We have found $10 snow pants that cost $80 new. Winter coats that may not be the exact color you want, but who cares when it is keeping you warm. We do also buy from Lands End and LLBean (and LLBean has outlet stores near us where returned perfectly new clothes are much cheaper). Finally, Sears near us has a great selection of winter gear if you do not wait until end December. Nebraska gets even colder than Boston, so if nothing else order (or buy at Sears) some long underwear to wear underneath your current clothes (as long as your current clothes have a little room). Stay warm this winter!

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answers from New York on

we all get our stuff from lands.end
and some northface stuff too, jackets and such.
lands end is great for kids' winter clothing, and they have sales frequently
if you go to landsend.com
click on overstock and then click on what you need, like little girl and see what they have.
they last long and are nice quality.
we get out boots there too.

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answers from Washington DC on

Lands End, LLBean, Sierra Traders, Hanna Andersson - check their end of season sales for the best deals...
Snowblower - Sears
Check the consignment shops for the outerwear as well. I usually shop the end of season sales...


answers from Lincoln on

anywhere and everywhere in Lincoln! I bought my babies wintercoat for next year at Target clearance last year for $4! My older daughter I've bought her wintercoats at Target, Kohl's, Younkers, Gymboree. There is always online if that's the way you like to shop, but if you like the stores you will find plenty available in the stores. It will only be a matter of probably weeks before you see the stores full of winter stuff. Buy the boots as soon as they come out otherwise by the first snow you may have a hard time finding them. Mittens buy more than 1 pair...they lose them and a good pair of waterproof mittens for playing in the snow. For the baby try to find a car seat cover, less bulky and easier in the carrier - on really cold days (Nov-March!) I threw a blanket on top of her . I also had a lined sweater someone had given me from Children's Place that I used. much much easier than a one piece bunting thing and worked fined with the blanket and the carrier cover. Good luck! Happy shopping!



answers from Lincoln on

Hi! Welcome to Nebraska and Hickman! We moved here a few years ago from Virginia. In a few weeks several children's consignment sales will start. I sell in two of them and highly recommend them. Great clothing at a great price! In fact, I buy most of my children's clothing there. They have everything you can think of there including toys, books, DVD's, and clothing (maternity, newborn-teen). The first sale called Kidz Closet is August 12-15th and there is more information at www.saintpaulumc.org about the times. The second is called Neat Repeatz and the sale is open to the public September 16-19th. On the 18th most things are 25% off and then on the 19th most things are 50% off. They will be at 2201 Winthrop. More information can be found at neatrepeatz.com. The last sale is called Take 2. It will be held at the Lancaster Event Center on north 84th Street. It will be Thursday Sept. 23-Sunday September 26. More information can be found at take2.com. Great, great sales! These sales are twice a year: in the fall, they sell mainly winter clothes and then in the spring, they sell mainly summer clothes. Everything gets checked very carefully for quality at the sales although an occasional stained item will get missed, but otherwise, most things are like new.
As for the snowblower, we have found great things on the local craigslist here as well as on the online Journal Star listings. If you have any questions about the sales, feel free to send me a message. Again, welcome to Nebraska!



answers from Washington DC on

Target sell snow suits and boots (kids and adults) which are very reasonably priced , as does Walmart. Also consignment stores often have items pretty cheap (you don't need to spend lot's when realisticly it will be worn for 1 yr with kids). My youngest was 6 months old for her first winter and for her I had an all in one coat that had mittens that you could fold back when you didn't want the hands covered. I like the type that are fleece on the outside as they are less bulky and so easier to get them into the car seat while wearing it , but still being kept warm. A good fleece hat for the little ones aswell to keep ears warm , and when it is really cold , jeans are pointless as the cold goes straight though them , so I get my kids fleece lined sweat pants , or for my daughter corduroy pants and she wears tights underneath.

Hope these ideas are useful


answers from Washington DC on

For me it would be LANDS END and Sears.

And for the baby, ( I'm also having a baby in November ) I plan on shopping at Walmart in Sept and Oct for winter clothes. Babies grow so fast and Walmart has some good prices.

I wish you the best.

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