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Teen Cell Phone Vs. No Cell Phone

J. asks from Provo

I have yet to see something about taking a stand against cell phones. My son has been asking, actually begging me to get him one (he is 16). We have gone round and ...


Myspace Question Regarding My Teenager

T.H. asks from Killeen

Hi Everyone! I have a question for all of you SMART Computer people. My 15 year old has finally convinced her dad to release the "leash" LOL. She told him las...


Conflicted - Teen Son "NEEDS" Cell Phone - Lots of Questions

S.T. asks from Denver

Help. Need lots of insight. My almost 14 year old son desperately NEEDS a cell phone according to him.Please give me your insights as I'm very conflicted. He there ar...



C.C. asks from Washington DC

I de-friended my 18 y/o daughter today on facebook. I can’t look at her post and pretend I agree with things that are said and so to avoid it all I have called it q...


Teanager Talking on Phone Too Long

B.W. asks from Springfield

My teenager has been talking on the phone too long. I found out from the phone bill that she has been talking on the phone way too long; until wee hours in the mornin...


Phone Use

S.P. asks from Austin

My 7 year old son came home from day camp yesterday and stated that he and a friend he made at camp would like to call each other on the phone. Our son has never lik...


9 Yr Old Stepdaughter Wanting a Cell Phone for Her 10Th Bday!!!

K.Y. asks from St. Louis

I have been in my stepdaughter's life for about 5 years now but I'm still just the stepmom. We only have her one day a week and everyother weekend. My husband/fiance ...


Facebook Questions

V.T. asks from Memphis

I wonder if anyone has any advice about Facebook. I've heard from some moms at our school that I should demand my child's password and monitor all the activity on hi...


Adult Daughter

C.S. asks from New York

My adult daughter will not return my phone calls. For the past two years I have not recieved birthday cards or Mother's Day cards. She did call me this year and wishe...


Daughters Friends Myspace Accounts Lying About Age

L.M. asks from Washington DC

We hosted a sleepover for my daughter's 13th birthday with ten of her closest friends. There were terrible problems with three of the girls and several days later th...