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How Do You Shower, Take the Garbage Out, Etc with a Toddler??

Hi, looking especially to the single moms for help here... My toddler is on the verge of being able to escape from her playpen and crib. Once she does that I have no idea how I am going to be able to take a shower, use the bathroom, or take something hot out of the oven...ever again! How do you keep your child safe while you do things that you cannot be holding them for?! (plus of course she is getting really heavy and very wiggly) I'm also concerned that with winter coming, I'm going to have to go out to start the car to warm it up...

Swaddling & Sleep Sacks

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Swaddle... What's Next?

hi moms! i have a almost 5 mo baby boy who sleeps so well when he is in his "miracle blanket," which is a swaddler. well, not he is out growing it and i know, swaddling is only for babies up to 3 mo, but he sleeps so well in it! he flings his arms and legs so much when he isn't swaddled that he wakes himself up. so this is to all the moms whose child is like mine: flings arms and legs alot when putting down to sleep; sleeps well when swaddled, and; wakes himself up when not swaddled or held. here are my questions: - i heard there's...