Looking for Retail Store to Purchase Master Bedroom Bedding and Bedding for 6 Yr

Updated on September 08, 2005
K.M. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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We have just relocated here from the northeast and I am in search for a great place to buy bedding. I have already purchased from pottery barn but still need one more bedding set for my 6 yr. old daughter. I do not want to spend $3,000 on bedding for my master bedroom but would like something pretty "designerish". Any referalls would be great!!

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answers from Dallas on

I like Linen and Things---You can find really nice stuff for a reasonable price. There should be one near you---

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answers from Dallas on

HI K.- where from the Northeast are you from? We are from
> My recc. would be peacock alley high end linen very expensive but
> have an outlet attached to their ware house and you can great 3000.00
> bedding for 500.00 beautiful duvets and pillows and the best egyption
> cotton items anywhere. Our whole house is done in Peacock alley-
> including the babies rooms. Check out their website PeacockAlley.com
> if you have trouble let me know I can send you the link. Their
> warehouse is kinda out in nowhere but we live in Mckinney and it
> 45-50 minutes to drive there but well worth every minute. Also
> Morning has some of their sheets sets right now if you can find them
> in your size they are on sale 75% off they had some duvets but I
> see any sets when we were there. If you do drive to the outlet keep
> their phone number with you - the first time I went I was convinced I
> was in the wrong spot but I wasnt- the store is attached to their
> warehouse. Best to you.
> Becky



answers from San Francisco on

We are from the northeast originally too. I don't know if there is one near you, but Pier 1 Kids has very cute bedding for kids, similar to PB. You might also be able to find a nice set at the Horchow Finale outlet in Plano or Dallas. They have lots of stuff from their Horchow and Neiman Marcus stores, but it's hit or miss since they are an outlet and may not carry a full collection. Surprisingly, Target also has cute, designer inspired bedding and it's much cheaper. For adult bedding, you can also try Tuesday Morning, which is another outlet type of place but they carry lots of high count sheets for much less than the department stores. Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

I would try the internet. I have purchased items from Overstock.com and Smartbargains.com. Prices are reasonable, quality is good and shipping rates are low. Plus you don't pay sales tax.



answers from Dallas on

I was just buying bedding today. The best places to buy bedding at a reasonable price is:

1) Tuesday Morning
2) Linens & Things (bis sale right now)
3) Bed Bath & Beyond

My daughter is 7 and I found several cute sets at Linens & Things



answers from Denver on

I was just at the new IKEA at 121/Tollroad yesterday and they have really great looking bedding for adults and children..and you can't beat the price. It is all cotton and the designs are really great.

Also, I have friends who have had great luck buying bedding at Kohls.

One thing about IKEA, I'd highly recommend NOT going on a weekend. If you can swing going during the weekday close to when they open (10), you'll be glad you did. It just gets really crowded. They have a neat restaurant and children's play areas.

You probably are familiar with IKEA being from the Northeast. I too am a transplanted Northeasterner. We moved here from CT two years ago.





answers from Dallas on

I suggest SmartBargains.com... I bought some awesome pillows from there and I am definately buying my next bedding set from them.



answers from Dallas on


I like getting my sheets at Marshall's. You can get 500 tc sheet set for $50. Also, Neiman Marcus has a store where they send all their mark downs called Horchow Finale. There are two of these located in the metroplex, one in Plano and one downtown Dallas. NM also has an outlet store at the Grapevine Mills mall named Last Call. If you want to go to an actual department store, I would point you towards Dillard's, Macy's, Nordstrom's, or Foley's. These are in most malls around town.

Happy shopping!!!!

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