Bedding Decision with Sweaty Husband

Updated on June 16, 2010
T.C. asks from San Diego, CA
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Okay, I want to get a nice bedding set for our new home! My problem is my husband sweats A TON at night, so I need to get something that washes easily!! Duvets don't work since he sweats so much, so freq & I have to take it off & on all the time! Any fabrics better than others? Especially for blankets?? Help

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answers from San Antonio on

I won't sleep on anything but cotton. It breathes better than any other fabric. 100% cotton. There is no other option for me.

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answers from Austin on

I am very warm natured, I was also a linen buyer. I love good linens.
100% cotton is your best bet.

Instead of using a duvet with the comforter inside, consider just using the duvet itself like a "Bed Cover". Or Purchase a "Bed Cover". A bed cover is like a bedspread but made out of a thinner fabric, it is made specifically for summer bedding.

Make sure you use a top sheet under the bed cover to keep your husbands perspiration off of the top cover or duvet.

I also suggest you purchase 2 sets of the same sheets and pillow cases, this will allow you to wash them more often.

8kidsdad is right about a fan. I have a tower fan with a remote (Great fathers day gift) right in front of my side of the bed. I even used it during the winter. I LOVE it.!.

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answers from Miami on


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answers from Portland on

100% cotton is the most absorbent fabric available. There are some new fabrics that wick moisture away from the body but I don't know if they use them to make bedding. If they do I would recommend that. I would stay away from synthetics. Not only do they not absorb very well, they cause one to feel warmer and sweat more.

I always use a top sheet to protect the blankets. If he sweats enough for moisture to go thru the top sheet onto the blanket, perhaps he doesn't need to use a blanket. In that case use a twin blanket for your side of the bed. If he still needs/wants a blanket use a cotton or a cotton blend one that is easy to wash. I have a microfiber blanket that washes easily and would also recommend using that kind if he's comfortable under it. I don't know if it would increase his sweating. I've found that many blankets made of synthetic fibers do not look nice after washing and so I don't use them.

My daughter uses a cotton covered comforter and washes it Her husband also sweats heavily.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I perspire when I'm hot. I have a fan for my side of the bed that I put in an open window when its cool or cold outside. The fan blows cool air on me until my body slows down and I stop feeling hot. While I'm hot enough to want the cold outside air blowing on me, my wife is under a sheet, two blankets, and a comforter. She sometimes puts a scarf over the side of her head nearest me. Some time during the night I cool down and get under one of the blankets and a sheet, but seldom as much as my wife does. Many times I'll go through the entire night on top of the covers. The fan keeps me from perspiring.

Doing this helps us to not have to wear out sheets washing them.

Hope this helps. Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi T.

I am an interior designer and I carry a great bedding line that may be of help to you. I am very fussy about what I specify and this is a great product that I incorporate into my designs. You can view the catalogue online at
Here are some suggestions:
page 6 - cotton mattress cover
page 11 - pillow covers
page 12 - 15 for sheets (the readers are correct about cotton and also you may want to consider bamboo which is more absorbant than cotton)
page 19 - cotton blanket
You can get the products shipped to your door within a few days.
Let me know if I can help you. You can email me at or call at ###-###-####
Good luck!


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answers from Boise on

I got a sweaty husband also. What I do is make sure the sheet is up about 7 -10 inches higher than the duvet, and then I fold it out and over the edge of the duvet. So the duvet never touches his face. Also i double his pillowcase and change every three days.

Excessive sweating can be a sign of toxic overload, an infection of some sort, or a thyroid issue. The problem is getting the docs to diagnose it!


answers from Jacksonville on

Do you have a ceiling fan in your room? I am usually the hot one at our house... I have slept with one foot sticking out from under the covers since I was a child... and I have noticed that my 8 yr old daughter does the same, lol. Everyone in our house, runs the ceiling fan over our beds at night. I just sleep better with a little air movement. If I get chilled during the night I pull a blanket up from the foot of the bed..but it usually isn't necessary. 100% good quality cotton sheets, too. Gotta have 100% cotton...



answers from Dallas on

I deal with this too. There is nothing wrong with my husband medically, he has been like this since childhood. A fan doesn't help either, in fact, he will sweat when it's cold if he falls asleep...I find it odd, but this body temperature just rises naturally when his eyes close. The only solution I found is cotton bedding in dark colors. We have chocolate brown sheets and lighter brown blanket right now. I have to go darker because his sweat will stain the sheets and cause the bedding to look dirty even when it comes right out of the wash. We also have protective coverings for our pillows and bed (I got a fantastic deal on And we haven't used a flat sheet in years. It gets sweaty and wet and then all twisted in the bed when he tried to kick it off. For us it was something that was more of a hassle than it was worth. Oh, and a paste made of crushed asprin can help with stains. GL!



answers from Philadelphia on

If this is a new issue, i would make a dr appt for him first. My husband was sweating terribly at night, it turned out that he had a disease called sarcoidosis.



answers from Boston on

I think I would have a Doctors appointment for him. Find out why he is sweating so much.

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