How Often Do You Change the Bedding?

Updated on June 19, 2010
A.T. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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I was at the splash park the other day and was chatting with a few of the moms there. For some reason and I don't know how or why the subject of changing bedding came up? This is mainly just a curiosity question - How often do you change the sheets, pillowcases, mattress cover/pad (if you use one) and replace the pillows on you and your child(ren) beds? The ladies there thought my changing was a little over the top - but to each his own!
Here's what I do:

Pillows: I replace my pillow every month with a new one (I have seasonal allergies) I don't buy the expensive ones; the $4-6 range. I replace my husbands with new about every 3 months. I buy him the firmer, little bit more expensive ones because I don't know what he is doing to them in the night but they always look like a mangled mess. I replace my sons with new about every 6 months, he sometimes doesn't even use a pillow and I buy him the inexpensive ones as well.

Sheets: I change our sheets once a week. However, I have been known to change our sheets mid-week after about 4 days because I love a fresh, crisp bed to sleep in. I normally change my sons once a week.

Pillowcases: This is where I think the ladies thought I was nuts. I change my pillowcases about every 2 nights, I change my husbands and sons mid-week.

Mattress pad/cover: I wash our mattress cover once every 2 weeks, it it huge and bulky (king size) and takes forever to get completely dry. My son has a thick down mattress topper that is dry clean only. I only have that dry cleaned about once every 8-9 months because of the cost.

One of the ladies made a comment that I change these things so often because I must have a washer and dryer (I am guessing she doesn't). That has absolutely nothing to do with it. I changed as often back in the day when I didn't have my own washer and dryer.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the responses, most of you had me cracking up!

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answers from Albuquerque on

As far as washing, I wash my husband and I's sheets, pillowcases, matress cover, shams and coverlet once a week. I wash my daughters sheets, pillowcases and matress covers twice a week. I only wash their comforter's about once a month. Just because they are not the best quality.

As far as new pillows. Hmmmm... I can't remember the last time I bought pillows. But we have really expensive pillows with zippered covers that come off to be washed. Regardless, we could probably use new ones!

I'm a washer like you. I wash rugs (bathroom and kitchen) once a week. I wash couch pillows every other week. I wash blankets (speicial ones that get drug around by the kids) daily, sometimes twice. I wash shoes once a week. If it can go in the washer (which I think most things can!!!) it gets washed often.

I just like everything to be nice and fresh. I think we all have things we are a little OCD about. I say go on and wash away!

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answers from Chicago on

Once a week unless something is going on and someone is sick or something like that. My whole family has always done this and I thought that is how everyone does. I don't think it is excessive. To really think about it, you shed skin cells at night and to me the thought of sleeping on that is just , ugh! Though there have been moments that I just did not feel like it and left it for another week. I usually wash blankets every week to week and a half. They get stuffy smelling after a while. We replace pillows every 6 months or so and I also buy the cheaper ones. My husbands cost a bit more because he needs a firmer pillow due to back issues.

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answers from St. Louis on

Pillows are only replaced when the old ones are too worn out.

I try to wash the sheets every week but most often they get washed every other week (sheets, pillow cases). We all shower before bed though so it's not like we're going to bed early.

Comforters every few months.

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answers from Cleveland on

I'm actually really terrible about changing the sheets ... I hate doing it!! lol ... I think I have changed my son's crib sheet maybe 4 or 5 times in the 6 months he has been sleeping in the crib. You must think that is disgusting! I don't even want to tell you how often we change the sheets on our bed. That's even worse. And as far as pillows go we just recently got new pillows but the other ones we had I know we had for AT LEAST a few years. But if you have allergies that is a different story. Maybe you MIGHT be a little excessive about all the changing of sheets and all but if that's what you want to do more power to you! I wish I could get the motivation to at least change our sheets more often! ;-)

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answers from Portland on

Whew! When I was single I changed my sheets every week. Then I adopted a daughter and had quite of bit of job responsibility and realized that we showered every night before going to bed. How dirty could the sheets be? I switched to changing them every other week. I'm single once more and only wash sheets once a month now. The are just starting to feel a bit on the used side.

My rationalization is that I shower often and I'm the only one sleeping in them. Anything on the sheets came from me and I'm healthy. Why do they need to be changed more often. I understand liking fresh clean sheets. Mine feel clean, tho not fresh, until just before I change them. I do let my bed air out before I make it. I'm retired and at home so I make the bed during the middle of the day.

I also have seasonal allergies and tend to get headaches unless my pillow is plump. For that reason I buy a new pillow every few months. I use a pillow protector which I wash when I wash the sheets. I tried changing the pillow case everyday but it didn't make a difference in my reaction to allergens so I stopped. I do usually change it every week, tho.

I wash the mattress protector 2-3 times/year. It is covered with a sheet and doesn't even seem dirty when I wash it.

As I've gotten older I realize that my time on the earth is limited and I want to spend more time doing things with people and less on routine stuff. It was fun to change sheets every week or every 2 weeks but now it feels more like a chore.

Later: For those who ask why change the pillow case so often when one has allergies here is the reason. Pollen, dust, car exhaust, etc. clings to the hair. Unless you wash your hair before going to bed, all that stuff to which you're allergic grinds into the pillow and is breathed into your lungs and settles in your eyes.

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answers from Denver on

I'm new to mamapedia and some of you are rude!! I am kind of afraid of every asking anything. I don't think she was asking about your opinions on changing her lifestyle just curiosity how others do things as she said. I don’t keep up with changing the sheets like I would like to. I change my 5 year old a little more often if there is an accident at night. I want to get to the point of doing it all weekly. My sisters 2 kids and her husband have terrible allergies and lots of problems with them. They were told by their ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor to change their pillows often. They were told especially for allergy suffers replacing the pillow is as imporetant as washing the pillowcases often and vacuuming the carpets. Everyone naturally sheds skin and no matter how clean you think you're keeping pillow and your bed, over time dust mites always work their way into your pillows and mattress even through protectors. Thirty thousand dust mites can live off just one ounce of dust. Maybe the doctors have stock in the pillow companies? I don’t know, but it sounds nasty and makes sense!

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answers from New York on

wow. and i thought i was going overboard.
i change kids' bedding (everything) every two weeks (no, i don't buy new ones, just wash their old, they each have two sets). ours i change every month.
pillows, every month because my daughter is allergic to dust mites.

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answers from Huntsville on

The pillowcases does sound like a bit much to me haha But it's YOUR house & YOUR bedding. You change whatever you want as YOU see fit. :)

I am allergic to dust mites (along with probably 95% of the world, right? haha). It was recommended that I wash my sheets every week or 2 weeks. Also dry your pillows on high heat for 30 mins.

I also have allergy covers on my pillow & our mattress. The mattress cover goes over the mattress pad. So, I don't get those off to wash often at all...

I TRY to change our sheets every 2 weeks, but usually doesn't happen! We are so busy that it just gets overlooked :( Or by the time I think about it, I'm too exhausted to deal with it!!

For a while, my daughter's sheets got washed almost every day because she was wetting the bed at night! Thank goodness that's mostly over! Now, they get changed if she has an occasional accident, otherwise I *try* to do it every 2 weeks or so. Unless they are noticeably dirty (mystery crumbs from food that shouldn't have been in her room in the first place..hmmm lol)

But hey, we can never have our bedding too clean!!! :)

PS. My pillow is a more expensive "water" pillow that I bought from my chiropractor. It actually has a "pouch" on one side (bottom) that you put however much water you want to control the firmness. So, that doesn't get replaced!! lol

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answers from San Antonio on

All the beds get fresh sheets every week...this includes pillowcases.

Mattress pad cover gets a bath once a month...more often when someone gets sick and/or a diaper/pull-up/newly underwear wearing child has an accident.

I bought new pillows when we got our new bed, ah 5 years they could probably be replaced, but I always hesitate at the expense.

My husband loves fresh sheets so much that he told me when we win the lottery he would hire a housekeeper so he could have fresh sheet every night or every other night.

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answers from Cincinnati on

This post made me feel lazy. lol I do out pillow cases every week, but our sheets 1 time a month. And the king size comforter...umm maybe once every 6 months!

I have a co-worker who has a serious case of OCD, and does her sheets daily, and IRONS them before putting them on the bed! Come on! Ironing to lay down and sleep? Craziness!

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answers from Washington DC on

I wash all sheets weekly. My girl changes her toddler blanket daily. She drags it everywhere, all day. My son's comforter weekly. Our comforter depending. I wash our sheets weekly in bleach. Hubby says they don't seem clean unless he can smell the bleach....

I used to use Tide He ($15 for 64 loads) but then I discovered that the local store usually has Wisk He. The local store sells the 64 load bottle for $14, but sell the 32 loads bottle for $6.50, and they are ALWAYS having a buy one get one sale on the 32 loads. I end up getting the 64 loads for $6.50!

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answers from Fayetteville on

I change all my sheets and pillowcases once a week, simply because my husband sweats. I too like sleeping on fresh sheets too. To each his own I say. We should not compare ourselves to others. Do what's best for us. Now if you changed them daily that might be a bit odd and overdoing it, but what you do sounds normal

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answers from Chicago on

I think it depends. Normally I totally strip all the beds and wash EVERYTHING but our pillows (mattress pad cover, sheets pillowcases) every two weeks. But- if my son has been going to bed without a shower (hey, it does occasionally happen!) I will make him change his sheets if they seem a little 'boy' smelling to me. Ditto if I find him with the dog on the bed without the bedspread pulled up, etc.

For us, I only wash our actual pillows every couple of months, but use hypo-allergenic cases under the regular pillowcase. Even then, if my husband has been sweating on his pillowcase, which he sometimes does, I will just change the pillowcase for him. Once in a while I change the sheets more often if they are just really wrinkled up or un-fresh, but generally I strip the sheets every other week.

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answers from San Francisco on

My my your routine seems very unusual to me. I buy new pillows when my old pillows don't feel comfy anymore.

Guest room bedding (sheets, pillow cases) get changed when a guest's visit is over.

Mine (live alone), get changed when I think they need to be changed.

I have a feeling you could never come over to visit. YIKES!


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answers from Stationed Overseas on

I'm thinking that's a bit much. Your water bill must be crazy! Sheets once a week, comforters once every couple of months because I have to take it to a laundramat, it does not fit in my washing machine. Pillows last a few years but I also spend the extra money for really nice pillows. What does seasonal allergies have to do with replacing your pillow? Is your pillow outside? I not trying to offend you just thought it was kind of strange. Matress pad gets cleaned once a month. I understand because you like the fresh, crisp, clean feeling of sheets but you might be a little OCD. But I think everyone has something they go a bit overboard on.

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answers from Killeen on

I actually never even thought to change the pillows. We have then in "pillow protectors" and I wash them.
Why do you change your pillow case so often? Do you just like a fresh smelling pillow case, or do you think it is dirty?
Also do you just throw the old pillows in the trash? Seems like a lot of "pillow trash". Can they somehow be recycled?

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answers from Austin on

Wow, that's a lot of laundry! Considering fresh water, energy usage, refuse/landfill use, waste water volume... I wouldn't call myself a 'big green mama' but that's a big footprint your leaving on the environment every month. Your probably spending $120 a year just on pillows... Not sure how frequently you buy laundry detergent (at $20 a container these days; lets say you use one jug every month... that's $240 a year just laundry soap) and fabric sheets, etc... plus the cost of water, heating, electricity... I would imagine your sheets and bedding (especially anything with elastic) wear out more often due to all that washing too. It wouldn't surprise me if your spending at least $500-$700 a year just on the cost of replacement bedding and the cost of doing laundry just for your bedding.

We change bedding once a week.

I don't think I buy "expensive" pillows and pillow covers and pillow cases, but they are more than $4-6. Typically I get regular pillows for $20-30 (Target) and for my husband, he has the $100 memory foam sleep/neck pillows from the back/sleep store. I replace my daughters 2-4 times a year, or as necessary (especially while she was potty-training and would have nighttime accidents); my husband's is replaced every 2 years (he won't let me replace it sooner because he says you have to break it in for it to be comfortable). He also has a body pillow; that is replaced 12-18 months. My pillow is replaced every 12-18 months. But I also use multiple pillow covers (1) and pillow cases (2) on each pillow.

However, if you are buying $5 pillows, you probably do need to pitch them often. I'd expect the cheaper poly-fill to breakdown down quicker and not provide good neck and spinal support--That may also explain why your husband's pillow looks like a "mangled mess". The cheaper poly-fill is probably not adequate in supporting the weight of his shoulders, neck and head longer than a few weeks.

Since you have allergies, you might want to familiarize yourself with the pillows and pillow case protectors that are made to guard against allergens. Also, keep in mind that often cheaper products may contain inferior components, chemicals and materials that could increase symptoms of an allergy reaction.

As for liking the fresh smell of laundry... YOu might also want to keep in mind that the perfumes and fragrances in commercial laundry soap contain a lot of chlorine, phosphates, and petroleum-based chemicals. You're putting a lot of that into your your home environment/breathing air and onto your skin. Seriously, if you are prone to allergens, you might want to consider how much of your sensitivities may be brought on by constant exposure to these chemicals.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Once a week for pillow cases/sheets/blankets. Our matress pad is once every 2 weeks. Our down comforter is about once a year (we only use it for about 2 months, then its in storage the rest of the year). If my toddler drools a lot, or spits up some milk I change her bedding mid-week...just depends. And as far as the pillows, we change ours every 4-6 months. There is nothing worse then taking that pillow case off and seeing sweat build-up or whatever. And if you wash them they just end up all mis-shaped and uncomfortable. =)

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answers from Phoenix on

I only change our sheets on our bed once a month. I love the sweet smell of sweat and sex...sweet dreams mamas!

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answers from New York on

Quite honestly, I think this is compulsive. I change my teenage sons pillowcase every few days because I'm trying to reduce his acne.
If you have allergys and this has helped you and it dosent interfere with your social life ( I cant come out today, I'm changing the sheets) go for it. i also think its a big waste of water, but thats me.

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answers from San Diego on

I'm right there with you minus the pillows. I think changing your pillows that often is excessive and wasteful to be honest.

How about allergy covers on more expensive pilows that you replace less often. Have you seen what can actually go in those cheap pillows as fill? Pretty gross.

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answers from Honolulu on

wow, I don't replace pillows unless it is totally useless. LOL

Bedding= once a week, which includes pillow cases.
Mattress cover/pad= once a month

I don't buy heavy comforters/quilts that cannot go in the washer... to cut down on dry cleaning costs. But where I live, it does not get too cold anyway.
I only buy what can go in the washer.

I also sometimes like to give our quilts/covers a "sun bath" and will lay them out outside in the sun all day...

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answers from Cleveland on

I wash our bed sheets every week. I was the bed pillows once a month. Some pillows wash better then others. I can wash some of the blankets but not the king the goes to the cleaners.



answers from New York on

Are you looking for other people who change their bedding and buy new pillows as often as you do? I think most people change their sheets every 1-2 weeks. Why do you change your pillow cases so often? I am really confused why you buy and throw away pillows so often...what does that have to do with allergies? As long as its a hypoallergenic pillow then what is the problem? Are you guys bigtime droolers? If it makes you happy there is no harm besides of course the environmental impact...just think you might spend a bit too much time on this stuff.



answers from Dallas on

All bedding - matress pads, sheets, blankets and favorite stuffed animals (I only purchase stuffed animals that can be washed in the washer) are washed weekly.



answers from Fresno on

I clean all sheets once a week.
Throws on couches and beds every 1 to 2 months depending on use.
I havent replaced pillows ever, good idea.
Matress pads, mine I wash every quarter
My daughter has a plastic mattress cover, I always spray it with Lysol.

I always spray pillowss and comforters with Lysol when done changing the bed every week. I just feel better



answers from Columbus on

I use one set of sheets for us, but wash every Friday. My husband works out of town and stays in hotels. So, as just something special for him I make sure he has a clean fresh bed to sleep in for the weekend. MAybe silly, but it is just a special something I do to try and be nice. Depending on the weekend (and when we end up showering, how hot the weather is, what outside activities we have since we are big gardner people) I will wash sheets again on Monday - but if it was a dull weekend and not much went on usually in winter times) I wait till Friday again. Same with pillowcases. I wash when I do our sheets. Though, we do have a cat and occasionaly she gets up in our bed. When I catch her sleeping in the pillows I immediately change them b/c I can not stand cat hair of where I sleep and sit.

Anyways, I also wash my kids sheets once a week as well. I do comforters every 2 weeks along with mattress pads every two weeks.

Now, I may be guilty on this one, ?? not sur though, but I don't remember the last time I have changed the actual pillow. Maybe once a year?? Not sure though.



answers from New York on

If I had the time and energy to wash 3 sets of bedding 2-3 times a week I would. Unfortunately I don't have either :) so they get washed once a week provided the kids don't have colds or my son doesn't poop outside of his diaper :) LovinLife...want to come do my laundry? :) :)



answers from Indianapolis on

Perhaps it's my degree in Biology. I'm a very clean person, but I don't freak out about germs. We also don't have issues with asthma/allergies in our family.

Time is our biggest factor. We're both working parents with 2 small kids who need a lot of attention/assistance. There just isn't time to do things as well or as frequently as I'd like.

A lot of what we do is also based upon how we were brought-up. My mom was clean, but she was completely OCD about washing clothes. Whites were separate from whites with patterns/colors, etc. I started off that way and abandoned it when I realized it was completely over the top and unnecessary. She still does it. To each her own.



answers from Seattle on

Sheets (and duvets/pillowcases/etc) get washed once a week. Got in the habit in the military, liked it, and still do it.

Pillows & Comforters get washed ever couple of months.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I change our bedsheets about every three days and my dd her crib sheet is every other day. I wash our comforter once a month, as for our pillows I wash them every other month and replace them when they lose their fullness. I am totally anal when it comes to our sheets our bath towels are every other day I wash and replace with fresh ones. So you are not off the mark on wanting to be sleeping in fresh sheets.



answers from Texarkana on

Just my personal opinion: I agree with the lady who thought this was over the top. I do good to wash our sheets every month or so.....we keep the same pillows for 5 years or more. I only wash the pillow cases when I wash the sheets; monthly or every 6 weeks. Our comforter does good to get washed once a year. But, you aren't hurting anyone by doing what you're doing; if you have the money to buy pillows that often, go for it. If it helps your allergies, even better! Don't worry about what other people think about you and your washing.....just don't judge others about how often they wash and you won't have a problem.



answers from Charlotte on


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