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New Places to Look for Bedding Sets for Newborn

I am awaiting the arrival of my first grandbaby! Baby is due in late June. An ultrasound is scheduled on Feb. 4 to find out the sex. My daughter is looking for crib sets but hasn't found anything she really likes. Is there somewhere in the Houston area other than Babies R Us?


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2 Qs...Bouncers And Teddy Bears.

SOOOO.... 2 questions... 1~ My DD is 3 months old. Is this too young to get her a bouncer? I want to get one of those activity bouncers...She can sit on her own (she needs help getting there... but once she's sitting she is good.) and has excellent head control... She also loves to "stand" for up to 5 minutes at a time. (she is standing on her own, just uses us for balance. lol) She has a floor gym that she likes... but she gets MAD if she is laying down too long. She wants to be sitting or standing. We put her in her bouncy chair, but...

Sheets, Blankets, Pillows

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Sleeping with Blankets

I have not allowed my baby any blankets in the crib at night, per SIDS advise. At what age is it safe to put a blanket in the crib overnight?


Toys in Crib

up until this point i had no toys in the crib with my son. he is now 10...

Toddler & Twin Beds

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Moving from Crib to Twin Bed

Hi Mamas, My DD just turned 2 and we decided it was time for a big girl bed. So, last night we moved the crib out ans set up the twin size bed. At first she was really excited about it when she came in and saw it (she spent last night at Grandpa's house). But, when I went to lay her down for a nap in it she started throwing a fit and it didn't take her long to figure out she could get down off the bed even though we have the railing on it. Any ideas on how to get her to start sleeping in her bed? Thanks!