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Updated on November 08, 2010
B.W. asks from Palos Hills, IL
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HI Mamas!

I have been looking into purchasing an organic/natural mattress and wondering if anyone else out there has gone through this process? I have been looking at Lifekind, which is out of California and am wondering if anyone knows of anything closer?

Also, any info on cotton, organic bedding would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking I do not want to go the wool route but finding an organic, cotton comforter is proving to be challenging!

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We got the No Compromise mattress here in Chicago, in Wicker Park.I think the store was called Grow, on Division. I know you can order it too. It was reasonably priced and I've been happy with it. We're now using it for my 2nd son.
We also ordered my oldest's twin bed from a place near LaGrange. You can find their website at They were great to work with, and make all their own mattresses.
As for bedding, have you tried Target, Buy Buy Baby and Babies R' Us? They are getting MUCH better about carrying more organic options. Just the other day I was at our local Target and was AMAZED at how many sets of organic bed sheets they had! I do like to support them so they will continue to offer organic options. It's really the only way the general public is going to get exposed to them. Most people don't shop at natural stores for things like that, but if given the option at their local store, just might choose them. :)

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My brother-in-law owns My Green Mattress. I am glad to see someone else mentioned him and has brought from him. His contact info is on his website. Good luck!



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Look at the website I got both of my kids their mattresses from this company (located in Elgin) when they went to full size beds. It was a good investment.



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My husband owns My Green Mattress. One of the previous Mom's mentioned our store in this post. Just for example, we will build you our Pure Echo mattress in twin size with all natural materials for $249, and we can deliver it to Palos for free. This mattress is chemical-free. The mattress is built with organic cotton filling over a medium firm innerspring. All natural wool is quilted to our blended bamboo and cotton ticking. See this link for more information on our Pure Echo mattress:
We offer many other "green" mattresses. Please take the time to stop by our showroom at 55th Street and Willow Springs Road in LaGrange Highlands and choose the mattress that best meets your needs. Or give my husband, Tim, a call at ###-###-####.

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