Looking for Organic Fabrics to Have Crib Bedding Made......

Updated on February 11, 2008
J.J. asks from Venice, CA
13 answers

Hello. I want to have my baby bedding made and want to use organic fabrics. Any tips on where to find good organic prints and solids?????

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answers from Reno on

You can try the National Green Pages on CoopAmerica's website. They have everything you can think of environmentally green, and then some. http://www.coopamerica.org/ Wonderful reference guide!

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answers from San Diego on

Try the National Green Pages. It's full of wonderful resources including bedding.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.,

You can try NearSeaNaturals.com. They have a decent selection and will sell small quantities. Good Luck!


BTW--if you're looking for organic,eco-friendly clothing for yourself, check out my website/shop in Los Feliz. I specialize in clothing for modern women made from bamboo, organic cotton, soy, etc and ahve some styles that work well for both maternity and postpartum.




answers from Santa Barbara on

Hi J.,
My daughter is now 5 years old and had her organic mattress + organic wool pad since she was a baby. I used non organic 100%cotton sheets and blankets. The organic mattress + wool pad have been really good for her : no sleepless nights, no nightmares, no allergies of any kind, none of this never. This is remarkable... My opinion is that the mattress and the pad are more important than the bedding sheets (if you do not use bleached or heavily colored fabrics), but if you use all of them I think this is better.



answers from Honolulu on

Pottery Barn for kids has some organic and cute bedding....good luck :)



answers from Las Vegas on

My sister in law (she lives in Minnesota)works for a lady (out of her home)that makes organic linens and clothing the website is www.roundbelly.com



answers from Los Angeles on

hi, i just started my own company and on there i have organic bedding that is already made but it gives you the option to mix and match. use "H.'' for 15% off,



answers from Los Angeles on

any fabric store carries 100% cotton

but if you are going to have it made, use flannel, it will have more of a buffer between the plastic of the matteress,

and, the better part of flannel, it is warmer and softer

also Egyptian cotton and/or thread count of 300 or more will also be softer, smoother and silkier



answers from Los Angeles on

Try e-bay! Seriously, I bought my grandson all nice,organic AND CHEAP (financially) cribbing! Good luck,honey!
Lorraine from Sunny Cal!



answers from Los Angeles on

www.shopluxebaby.com or ###-###-#### ask for Patty.



answers from Los Angeles on

check on line for harmonyart.com for organic fabric.
we will be offering a limited edition of organic dolls on my website...it should be up there in a couple weeks. if you sign up for the newsletter i will let everyone know about the changes on the site.i am also making a baby blanket that the back is organic fleece, the printed fabric is from japan...we make diaper sacs out of vintage fabrics...the new changino pad not yet on the site is organic fleece.....and i will be having a complete line of organic sweats for women including dresses and more!

good luck with the crib!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.....my name is M., and I live in Ojai, California. I hope this info can help you. I have a "National Green Pages" phone book put out by Co-Op America...it is a great resource for everything "green". Under their listing of "Cloth/Fibers/Textiles - General". as well as "Cloth/Fibers/Textiles - Organic", there are several listings....among wich are these listings: Harmony Arts (in Califnria) at www.harmonyart.com, and Organic Cotton Plus (in Texas) at www.organiccottonplus.com, and NearSea Naturals (in New Mexico) at www.nearseanaturals.com

I hope this is helpful.

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