Swaddling 2 Month Old Baby

Updated on August 06, 2010
K.A. asks from Costa Mesa, CA
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Hi everyone! I've been swaddling my 2 month old for nighttime sleeping, and recently started doing it for naps as well. I am using the Summer Infant Swaddle Me, and before I was using something similar that I bought at Target. The Target one kept his legs pretty tight in the pocket, but he's outgrown it, and this Swaddle Me one leaves his legs free to move a lot, and I'm wondering if he might sleep a bit better if his legs were tighter. I realize he might just be waking up to eat, but sometimes he only sleeps for like 20 min. at a time and I'm going crazy! Does anyone have any advice? I've never been able to keep him in a good blanket swaddle, plus it makes me nervous that he'll get out of it and the blanket will cover his face at night. Thank you!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had this same problem and someone suggested getting the miracle blanket. It worked great! I love it. I think you can buy it online at walmart or you can order straight from miracleblanket.com. They are $30 each but completely worth it! I bought 2 for the baby I'm expecting in November.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Karin,
I used the Miracle Blanket with my little guy and it worked well. It's pretty hard for babies to get out of.



answers from Tulsa on

I swaddled with a recieving blanket on my oldest swaddler didn't exist then. tuck one arm down and tuck behing the back(blanket not arm ) pull the bottom up and make legs tight then put other arm down and wrap tightly. It might last longer than a swaddler for room.



answers from San Diego on

I consulted with a sleep expert and here are some things she told me. She doesn't recommend swaddling past two months. You can certainly start to sleep train your baby too. Some babies don't like swaddling - both mine didn't like it at all and yes, one time I found it wrapped up around my son's head because he kept getting out of it and it freaked me out. So, I got rid of the swaddle right then. At 8 weeks, my babies were sleeping 8hrs/night (if they are healthy babies). Yes, I said 8 hrs. If you want more info - go to www.3daysleepsolutions.com and get Davis' video. Both my babies were sleeping 12hrs/night at 12 weeks - the BEST $$ I ever spent and my babies are so happy because they sleep so well. Good luck to you! :)



answers from Los Angeles on

I just bought the Swaddle Pod for my five week old. I love it. It's just like the Woombie (check it out at woombie.com) but it was only $11 at Babies R Us.


answers from Dallas on

I believe the purpose of swaddling is to keep their arms tight but the legs don't really matter. I'm a big fan of those swaddling things too, they've worked GREAT for both my girls but their legs were always able to wiggle around, just not their arms.
Check the temp. in the room, sometimes I think my girls got too warm being swaddled and you don't want that. Try a fan maybe. And some white noise, like a humidifier.



answers from Chicago on

We use Miracle Blanket (got it on ebay store) and loved it. Don't worry about the legs, it's the arms that matter. You can swaddle them with their legs out and it won't matter. He's not hungry every 20 minutes for sure, even if he is going through a growth spurt. When he's up and not hungry, don't make the same mistake (I did for a long time) and feed him- it'll become habit! Just rock him back to sleep if necessary- or have your husband do it- so he will learn to sleep without eating. Good luck!



answers from Hartford on

I had a couple of Miracle Blankets on hand and used them for every nap and at bedtime. I stopped swaddling his legs when he began to fight to get his legs free. At around 4 months, I had to add a diaper pin to keep the swaddle wrapped safely around his arms. It took a while for my baby to sleep without a swaddle (I was always trying him without a swaddle - I even tried the freeing one arm trick to no avail) - the Miracle Blanket was a lifesaver.



answers from Cincinnati on

maybe he doesnt like swaddling anymore. Some babies dont. My son never liked having his hands restrained we had to swaddle him under his arms, and by 6 wks we couldnt swaddle him at all, he hated it.



answers from Phoenix on

My kids never like to be swaddled....he could just not like it anymore at 2 months old.

What helped three of my 4 to sleep so very well....letting them sleep on their bellies.....I know GASP! Such a no, no. But my personal belief is that SIDS is not from belly sleeping.



answers from San Francisco on

Swaddling is great! Your baby will sleep better and be more comfortable if he is tightly swaddled. Target (dwell brand) has a great larger size swaddle blanket that is lightweight but perfect for warmth and comfort. I would suggest getting that and if you are nervous about him getting out of it, leave his arms out, but wrap his legs snugly. Good luck~




answers from Los Angeles on

yep... miracle blanket.

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