Moses Basket Bedding

Updated on October 21, 2007
K.R. asks from Hobart, IN
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Hi guys!

I have an old moses basket from my mother that I would like to use for my son when he is born next month. The bedding, however, could stand to be replaced and I can't seem to find bedding (without buying a whole new basket) anywhere! Any suggestions??? thanks!!

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answers from Chicago on

Buy fabric and make new so it is custome fit. I am a seamstress, live on the South side of Naperville, let me know if I can help.



answers from Chicago on

Something that I always wanted to do but never got around to was to use my wedding dress to make the material for the bedding for a moses basket, cradle or crib. This might be a really nice way to add to your mother's memory and to create even more of a keepsake.

Would love to hear if you end up doing this. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I have seen moses basket bedding at Babies R Us -- it's in the bedding section by all the pack-n-play sheets. I believe Pottery Barn Kids also sells the bedding for their baskets separately, but they might be a different size. I am no longer using the bedding from my daughter's moses basket (she's 6 mos), so if you don't find anything and don't mind used, send me a personal note and we can see if mine will work for you. It's a striped pattern from



answers from Augusta on

I am not sure but I think I have seen it at Babies R Us. I think a Moses basket is a great idea with an older child- my poor #2 baby was dragged around everywhere while I played with #1. Good luck.

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