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Adopting a Boy - What to Register for an (18 Month Old) Baby Shower

My husband will have the son we've been praying for in two months. Some friends from our church are wanting to throw us a shower - can you give me an idea of the "must-have's" for an 18 month old? I don't have anything for our baby at this point except my collection of Little Golden books! I would so appreciate your thoughts - I don't want to register for things only to learn later that I really didn't need them. Please be specific. I appreciate your help so much!

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14 Month Old Can't Kick the Bottle Before Bed!

Hi Ladies, I've been reading some past posts, so I have a few good ideas about each of my issues separately, but I am not sure how to handle them together. My 14 month old is a very happy & healthy little girl. BUT she still has 2 bottles per day. The first at naptime (at Grandma's) and the second before bed. She doesn't drink any other milk during the day. I have tried a little to get her to drink milk from her sippy, but she isn't having it (she drinks water from it all day long - no juice yet). So, my question is, how do I get her to...