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6 Week Old High-Need Baby

My son is 6 weeks old and wants to be held all the time, we have tried a bouncer, a swing and even the stroller but does not like to be in these places; he will cry endlessly until you pick him up. He does not doze off to sleep on his own rather he has to be rocked, nightime and daytime are the same as far as his crying goes. The pediatriacian told us our son had colic bit this crying business is all day not just sometimes!! I want to get a baby sling, it is recommended by Dr. Sears. A baby sling is supposed to calm babies and later on...


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1 Month Son Only Sleeps in My Arms

I have a 6 week old baby boy and before he was born we bought him a bassinet, bouncer and swing, but now that he is born he will not sleep in his bassinet, he sleeps in his swing for about 15 minutes or when he realizes his not in my arms and he slept in his bouncer for the first 3 weeks but now he will not go in it at all, the only time he gets his sleep is in my arms or besides me in bed. how do I break this habit?


Elevating a Bassinet

Hi Moms, My 5 week old son has acid reflux and the doctor recommended that...