What to Do with Old Nursery Bedding

Updated on January 16, 2011
G.G. asks from Austin, TX
6 answers

I am having trouble parting with my kid's nursery bedding. Any suggestions on what I can do with it? I thought I could take it to someone who could cut it up and make a quilt from the pieces. I'm open to other ideas, however. Anyone know of a person in the Austin area who can do such a thing?

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answers from Modesto on

watch out for what you decide to save. the kids wont want most of it when they grow up and it starts creating space issues. If you have pictures of the nursery I would think that would be enough. Give the stuff to a women's shelter... their babies need nice things too.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I have a friend that was able to fold hers up fairly small, and she had a friend that made her a frame for it. It was pretty cool, because he used 2 panes of tempered glass and sucked all the air out so it wasn't really thick, then they put a few other mementos in front of the blanket (teddy bear, binky, favorite outfit and baby shoes) along with her name in cute letters. That was all put into a box frame, and made a really sweet displayable memory box. :) Another friend used the bedding to make the quilt like you were saying... but they added in some of her favorite clothes, bibs, and stuff like that.

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answers from Los Angeles on

quilts are actually pretty easy to make, I made my first one (queen size, bad idea!) last year for my sister, took me a few months, but it turned out well.
you could also make a collage picture out of the quilts by cutting them up and making a picture, depending on the color. if it is blues you could do a seaside scene, with blue fabric for the sky and sea, and yellow for the beach etc.
or you could get a pattern for an easy tote bag - they are super easy to make.
or a table runner, there are so many things you could do.

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answers from Johnson City on

i used mine as wall decorations.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Take a picture of it, then donate to a womens shelter. Bless someone else with your stuff.



answers from Washington DC on

You could donate to a shelter or mother's support group. If you want to retain them as something else, look around at craft festivals for people who work with fabric. You could commission something. Friend of mine had someone take 20 of her late husband's ties and turn them into a woven wall hanging.

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