Dry Hair or Scalp: Lotrimin

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Seeking Product Advise for Baby Skin Irritations

D.B. asks from Pittsfield

Does anyone have any products that worked for dry patches on abies face. My 6 month old has this reoccuring dry patch and sometimes it looks horrible. I'm not sure if...



J.F. asks from Little Rock

For the last few days my daughter has had this perfectly round red blemish on her cheek. It's red and dry and I just discovered one on her bottom. I thought it might ...


Psoriasis or Something Else?

B.K. asks from Chicago

My fiance has a little patch of what appears to be dry skin on the back of his head, right where his hair is receding (so you can see it fairly well). It's about dime...


Baby with Horrible Rash Under Chin

S.B. asks from Atlanta

My 5 month old son has a horibble rash that goes along his jaw line, almost from ear to ear and down his neck to his collar bone. He does have a real cute no neck, d...


Advice on How to Find the Source of Excema in 16 Month Old

J.G. asks from San Francisco

My daughter started out with a rash that looked just like poison oak on her left knee. When it didn't go away I saw our pediatrician who then referred me to a dermat...


Information on Seborrhea

M.F. asks from Dallas

Hello! My 6 week old son developed what looked like baby acne on Monday. Tuesday a few of the spots looked worse and on Wednesday it had developed into what looked ...


How to cure itchy head after cradle cap on infant?

N.E. asks from Dallas

I hope someone can help/or have experience with this. My 9 month old son had cradle cap as a baby that went away somewhat on his own (with help from me picking of cou...


Ring Worm?!

H. asks from Chicago

I have noticed hive like raised bumps on my sons buttocks for the last week and a half. It started out as one then two but now there are four. I thought it would di...


Ringworm! WWYD??

A.O. asks from Dallas

ok mamas, my daughter has reoccuring staph infections. Her ped has told us just to keep it covered, use the cream on it and if it gets worse bring her in or on wknds ...


Daughter's Skin--rash, Eczema, or Allergy?

V. asks from Chicago

This week my husband and I noticed some (three) circular patches on my daughter's legs. They're about one inch in diameter and kind of red along the outside, looking...