Dry Hair or Scalp: Gerber

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Advise on Dry Face and Scalp

A.C. asks from Boston

Hello, My 11 week old has dryness in his face and scalp. Fyi, He was born with a full head of hair. The rest of his body is just fine. We have been bathing every...


Possible Eczema on Baby's Scalp

J.S. asks from Dayton

I have a 7mo old baby boy that has a very dry, itchy, scalp. He is always scratching it especially when he is tired and has caused it to bleed and scab. His pediatric...


3 Month Son Has Dry Flaky Scalp Since 1 Wk Old and Getting Worse

M.D. asks from Washington DC

my 3 month old son has dry flaky scalp since he came home from the hospital. it started out in one area on top of his head. at his 2 week appointment his doc said it ...


Dry Skin

S.J. asks from Knoxville

My 4 month old has "Dry skin" in his head well it is on his scalp. It is only toward the back like the center of the head where it starts going down the back of the h...


21 Month Son Has Dry Patches/small Bumps on Skin

K.S. asks from Charlotte

My son was born with tiny bumps on the back of his arms (like mommy). Now, his back is so dry and after bath, the skin on his back turns very red. I use johnson & joh...


Almost 3 Year Old's SEVERE Dry Skin

C. asks from Chicago

My son's skin has always been real dry, but especially in the past year or so. I'm quickly running out of ideas on how to help it. He's almost 3 years old (will be ...


How Often Do You Wash Your Kid's Hair?

J. asks from Columbus

My daughter is 2 years and 4 month old. I wash her hair about every 5 days and I use Johnson Johnson's baby shampoo. But maybe it's because it's winter, her scalp loo...


Any Suggestions on Toddlers Very Curly Fine Hair

J.O. asks from Orlando

Hi everybody, my 2 and a half year old daughter has extremly curly hair. On top of that it ofcourse is baby fine. I have to brush it every night and every morning......


13 Wk Old Losing a LOT of Hair

R.R. asks from Dallas

My daughter was born with a head full of hair. Slowly, it has started coming out (especially in the back on the sides where she turns her head). But, recently, it's s...


What Shampoo Is Good for 4 Year Old with Fine Thin Hair

H.N. asks from Cedar Rapids

I am looking for some help on what shampoo products work good for my 4 year old daughter's hair. She has fine thin hair that is almost curly. In fact it wasn't until ...