REALLY Dry Scalp - Need Help

Updated on March 26, 2012
M.T. asks from Allen, TX
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Hey moms,

So I have really dry scalp... it comes and goes as the weather changes but right now it seems my whole scalp is one giant scale. If I scratch its a million tiny white flakes in my pretty brown hair.

It just gets dry...

Could it be from shampoo? could be be just weather? Something I can do to help it?

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answers from Dallas on

Tea tree oil shampoo works well for me. I like the one from Great Clips. I've tried other kinds, but they don't work as well.

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answers from New York on

that happend to me wen i first got pregnant... my mom said to used a moisturizing shampoo and make sure to rinse extremely well and to not put any conditioner on the top just at the ends of my hair.. also that i should do the finaly rinse of my hair wiht cool water not hot like i normally would in the shower... not sure if it worked or if it was a hormone thing and just went away on its own.. im 21 weeks at the moment and its not nearly as bad

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answers from Dallas on

Trying massaging a natural oil into your scalp...this should help. My coworkers daughter who is in her 20's still gets some extreme dryness on parts of her scalp and her doctor recommended Avocado oil. She bought it at Sprouts over in the beauty/medicine area.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo.

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answers from San Francisco on

I have a similar issue and discovered a few years ago I have psoriasis. It got to the point where I had to use prescription steroid foam - bleh. But now I can manage it without with a couple simple things. I put a filter on my shower head which made a surprisingly big difference. Also, try Neutrogena T/Sal or something similar. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

My daughter has this really bad right now. I was trying head & Shoulders but my hair dresser said that is awful for dry scalp. She gave me Tea Tree shampoo to try and see if it worked. After a week the itching and flakes are gone. My daughter is so relieved.



answers from Dallas on

Google candida and dandruff. You might want to do a candida cleanse. If you go with the vinegar only use Braggs.



answers from Dallas on

I had very dry scalp and my friend from India massaged 1 teaspoon of coconut oil on my head and my hair. I kept it for 2 hours before washing. It always helps me when I have dry scalp.
Check EarthClinic for more natural remedies



answers from Dallas on

Like someone else mentioned, vinegar may do the trick. When my scalp gets itchy, I rinse with apple cider vinegar mixed with water. I let it sit on my hair for several minutes, then rinse and shampoo. Based on what other people have said, I would try the vinegar and then use the tea tree shampoo.


answers from Iowa City on

My daughter had an extremely dry scalp a few weeks ago. I massaged olive oil into her scalp and left it on for an hour. It seemed to do the trick. Perhaps a few application of oil will help you. I have also heard that neem is great for dry scalp. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

So this is going to sound crazy- but it works. Used coffee grounds. They act as an exfoliant. I have very dark hair and as long as I add some coffee grounds to my shampoo twice a week and massage them into my scalp and then rinse- really well, I'm good. However, you do have to be prepared to vacuum up coffee grounds from your bathroom floor after you dry your hair.



answers from Dallas on

I had this for years and tried so many things but the weather changes always brought it out until about 3 years ago when I changed stylists. My new stylist suggested using a gentle dish soap like palmolive. I was very skeptical but she explained that one reason the scalp gets so dry is all the products we use, including our shampoos, and the over build up of natural oils as protection. I also have very thick hair so my scalp often perspires. Even Head n Shoulders for dry scalp was contributing to the issue, not helping. Dishwashing soap is designed to cut through all of that. She suggested I use it twice a week for the first week (I wash my hair every other day) and once a week after that as needed. The idea was to really strip all of the other chemicals, products, oil residue, etc off of my scalp. Then I'd put a good amount of conditioner in my hair and let it sit for a few minutes while I shaved my legs or something. Believe it or not I noticed a difference RIGHT AWAY. Now I don't use it all the time, just when I'm noticing a little itch during weather changes. One good application takes care of it for me now. But then I also don't mess with my hair a whole lot. I let it dry naturally and try not to use product so if you work your hair a lot more you may need to do it more often. It's worth a shot to see if it works for you and a whole lot cheaper than a lot of other options. Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

Could be any of the things you listed above. Try a specific dry scalp shampoo, not necessarily a dandruff shampoo. Do you use any products on your hair, like gel, mousse or hairspray? It could be a build up.
I was told by my hairdresser to wash my hair with Dawn dishwashing soap to remove build up. Or you could use an inexpensive clarifying shampoo. I also like to use warm olive oil on my scalp. Warm about 1/4 cup (but not too hot!) of olive oil in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Or just place the bottle of oil in hot water for about 10 minutes. Massage the oil gently in to your scalp for about 5 minutes. You have to wash your hair 2 or 3 times to get all the oil out. BE CAREFUL - if you are in the shower when you rinse your hair, it will make the shower very slick!! If possible, was your hair in the sink or leaning over the bath tub. Make sure to clean whichever area you use very well to remove the oil, so the next person doesn't slip and fall.


answers from Sherman on

Maybe u are over washing?
could u skip a shampoo or two? maybe just use conditioner, and try less hot water. that has helped mine.

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