Baby Shampoo for Dry Scalp

Updated on November 10, 2010
L.C. asks from Duluth, MN
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Ever since the weather turned cold, my 2 month old has had a super dry and flaky scalp. We currently use Aveeno Baby (the one with oatmeal) shampoo. It is obviously not moisturizing enough for winter.
What is the best baby shampoo for a dry scalp?

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answers from Wausau on

Humidify the house. My daughter gets bad bloody noses in the winter from the dryness. The humidifier solves most of that problem.

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answers from Columbus on

My son had to go to a Dermatologist for skin issues when he was first born and she recommended washing his hair with Head and Shoulders every other time I washed his hair. It worked really good.


answers from Denver on

How often do you wash the hair? If every day then try every other or every 3rd day. Only washing with water & washrag in between washings. This really helped our daughters dry scalp/cradle cap. Good Luck!

You may also want to try some jojoba oil.


answers from Minneapolis on

Check labels. Avoid any shampoo that includes lauryl sulfates. Try Burt's Bees. Or, I think Aveeno has an oil-type of product for dry skin and scalp. At two months, what you probably have is cradle cap (called seborrheic dermatitis by doctors and dandruff by adults). Using a comb to help work that excess skin off will help. At that age (with so little hair) we also rubbed Aquaphor onto our son's head, left it a day and then shampoo'ed/combed it out.



answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like cradle cap to me! My son had it around the same age. A few days of using J&J baby oil, and it was gone. Also, like other posters have said, only shampoo your baby's hair once a week. Good luck!


answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter has that and we use Head and Shoulders once a week and then the rest of the time we use Suave kids shampoo with no dyes or fragrance. It seems to work. That is what your doctor told us to do. You just have to be very careful not to get the head and shoulders in his/her eyes.

Good luck!


answers from Philadelphia on

Why not just treat the dry scalp with a little creamy baby oil... it'll help with the drynessa nd give her that "baby" smell.... ahhhhhh... love the baby oil smell! lol



answers from Minneapolis on

How often are you washing your baby with soap/shampoo?

I saw a show on "The Doctors" that said people are washing their babies way too much. They stated that babies should only be washed with soap/shampoo once a week. You can give them baths more often but only use water.



answers from Albuquerque on

I absolutely LOVE california baby's line of products. We use the CA baby shampoo and bodywash for our newborn and I think it works great, plus it's all natural! It also says it is for babies with cradle cap, eczema, or extremely dry skin.


answers from Lincoln on

I only wash my baby's hair once a week with cetaphil (she doesn't have a lot of hair on top and just maybe inch long curls in back) and otherwise just a water and washcloth. I also put a little baby lotion on it or now that winter's here baby oil. My older daughter had cradle cap and I just used baby oil and a little brush for a few days and that got get rid of it.



answers from Lincoln on

Are you sure it is not cradle cap? We just used regular baby shampoo from J&J. Maybe you could try massaging some baby oil on his scalp. It might make his hair greasy, but at least his scalp would not be so dry. If it is cradle cap, what they recommend for that is washing the hair every day. It will eventually go away.



answers from Milwaukee on

I'd rule out cradle cap first. This is an age where you can have trouble with it. Jojoba oil is a great moisturizer and very similar to the natural oils your skin makes. I used it a lot on my children when they were babies. If you apply a little at night, it will usually absorb by morning without that "greasy" look. (if it doesn't, just wash the baby's hair) You can find it at your local health food store.


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