Dry Patch on Scalp

Updated on February 02, 2010
T.J. asks from Binghamton, NY
10 answers

I'm looking for something to rid my 3 year old daughter of a dry patch on her scalp. My mom said to put oil on it but I don't want to damage her hair or clog her pores on her scalp. Is there any shampoo safe enough for kids that can help or even any other product that would help? It's only on a small spot on her head so I would need something safe for her whole scalp or something that can be applied directly. Any help is appreciated.

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answers from New York on

Olive oil did a great job when my daughter had cradle cap. Put it on and wait 20 minutes to shampoo and it washes right out with baby shampoo. Plant oils are better than mineral oil.

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answers from Honolulu on

Try showing it to the Pediatrician.
You want to make sure it is not "ringworm" or something.
Very common.



answers from New York on

There is a great product out called Topricin Junior which is great for dry patches anyplace on a child. I use it for my 1 year old grandson for eczema which effects his scalp. You can look them up on Topricin.com. It is completely safe and it works



answers from Indianapolis on

Where on her head is the dry spot? I'd recommend something like aquaphor if it's a small spot and using a Q-tip to apply it. Aquaphor is very greasy, but it's really safe and works like a champ on most dry skin conditions.

Good luck!


answers from Rochester on

Olive Oil is nice for dry skin, also google ringworm, if it looks like ring worm then use Tea Tree Oil,from a natural store, do not let the Dr pump your child with pills or rub on creams, they do not work, we have been dealing with this since Easter and in one week the Tree Oil has cleared ours up.



answers from Dallas on

use a gentle dandruff shampoo. also, if you don't want to use "oil" then buy some scalp oil at a beauty supply store.



answers from Albany on

Mom's are always right! Mineral Oil works wonders....



answers from Albany on

Mineral oil or maybe even almond oil might work. I would want to rule out ring worm too just in case.



answers from New York on

Olive oil (or coconut oil) will help with the dryness and won't damage her skin, pores or hair--actually the "specialty" shampoos may cause more problems than the oil.


answers from New York on

we use huggies naturals daily shampoo, not had any wierd dry patches since. We also make sure not to use bubble bath water on her hair. Hop ethat helps.

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