Dry Hair or Scalp: Infant, Lotrimin

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Dry Scalp on My 3 Yr. Old

K.H. asks from Dallas

my son whom is 3 has some spots on his scalp that are very dry, we went to the dr. & he recommended to just use selsun blue (& also he confirmed it is just dry scalp ...


Infant Rash on Scalp, Face and on the Tummy

J.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! my 2 1/2 month old son has been having some rash on his scalp, cheeks and on the tummy. when he was a month old, he had lot of rash on his cheeks, tummy and ba...


Dry Skin or Allergy?

J.J. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, My 2 month old son has developed some dry skin all over his face and scalp( a lot of dandruff)We're not sure if its allergy or dry skin cuz its only on hi...


White Flakey Thing and Tiny Brown Spot on My Two Year Old Daughter's Scalp

H.S. asks from Eugene

I just noticed my two year old daughter has white flakey things and brown spot on her head. Her top of scalp are kind of covered with that condition. It just looks ...


Very Dry Skin on Our 4-Month-old Daughter's Face

L.M. asks from South Bend

Our poor baby! She's been having ongoing trouble with skin on her forehead, cheeks, and chin that's so dry that it flakes off and/or gets yellow and crusty. We've bee...


Crusty Scalp in 5 Yr. Old?

L.G. asks from Detroit

My 5 yr old daughter keeps getting what looks like cradle cap. I tried using head and shoulders and it seemed to work, then this morning i found a big, very crusty pa...


Itchy Ears & Head: Eczema? Allergies? Help!!!

B.H. asks from New York

My 6-month-old daughter has a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. By day, she is a little angel. By night, she is an itching and scratching terror!!! Although her d...


Switching Formula....a Strange rash...and Baby Dandruff???

A.M. asks from Dallas

I have 2 questions. The first pertains to switching formula. I previously asked about brands and types of formulas to add into my 5 mo old's breastfed diet. I was giv...


Seeking Product Advise for Baby Skin Irritations

D.B. asks from Pittsfield

Does anyone have any products that worked for dry patches on abies face. My 6 month old has this reoccuring dry patch and sometimes it looks horrible. I'm not sure if...


Baby with Horrible Rash Under Chin

S.B. asks from Atlanta

My 5 month old son has a horibble rash that goes along his jaw line, almost from ear to ear and down his neck to his collar bone. He does have a real cute no neck, d...