Dry Hair or Scalp: Seventh Generation

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Dry Skin or Allergy?

J.J. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, My 2 month old son has developed some dry skin all over his face and scalp( a lot of dandruff)We're not sure if its allergy or dry skin cuz its only on hi...


My Toddler Is Itchy - What to Use

J.M. asks from Norfolk

My almost 3 year old daughter keeps saying she is itchy all over but I don't see anything. I tried monistat down there and bug creme other places, I have tried lotio...


Almost 3 Year Old's SEVERE Dry Skin

C. asks from Chicago

My son's skin has always been real dry, but especially in the past year or so. I'm quickly running out of ideas on how to help it. He's almost 3 years old (will be ...


Eczema or Pseriasis

R.O. asks from La Crosse

I have a 10 month old that has very dry skin in the creeses of his arms and behind his legs. I am trying to find a home remedy cure...read that aloe vera works but I...


Dealing with Eczema

R.R. asks from Dallas

I am the "momma" of a wonderful 9 almost 10 month old boy. He is having a tough time with the itchy, dry skin that eczema causes. There are times when it seems that...


My 15 Weeks Old Has Severe Eczema on Face - HELP!!

C.C. asks from Chicago

We are now on formula number 4 per our pediatrician to see if allergy related - from Enfamil Newborn, to Gentleease to Soy and now on a hypoallogenic one. His face se...


Infant Eczema: Causes and Cures

L.B. asks from Columbus

My eight-month-old daughter has eczema, so she gets itchy red patches mostly on her cheeks, neck, and the creases of her elbows and knees. Her doctor prescribed a ste...


Need Help Regarding Kid Toiletries.

N.B. asks from San Juan

Hello mom's. I need help choosing a good soap, shampoo, oil and body lotion for my 3 and half year old daughter. Till now i was using Jhonson and Jhonsons baby pr...


Eczema Issues

A.A. asks from Minneapolis

My 2 year old gets eczema on his legs and recently, since he's been wearing sandals it's really bad by his ankles. His pediatrician thought maybe he was having a reac...


I Have a 4 Month Old Baby with Eczema

S.A. asks from Chicago

My 4 month old baby has eczema. No matter what I use, it doesn't seem to take it away. It always comes back and when it flares up it is really bad. He will scratch h...