Dry Hair or Scalp: Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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3 Month Old with Dry Irritated Scalp

K.W. asks from Asheville

My son is 3 months old and suffers from dairy and nut allergies through my breastmilk. I have cut out all dairy and nuts which has stopped the acid reflux he was suf...


Switching Formula....a Strange rash...and Baby Dandruff???

A.M. asks from Dallas

I have 2 questions. The first pertains to switching formula. I previously asked about brands and types of formulas to add into my 5 mo old's breastfed diet. I was giv...


Dealing with Eczema

R.R. asks from Dallas

I am the "momma" of a wonderful 9 almost 10 month old boy. He is having a tough time with the itchy, dry skin that eczema causes. There are times when it seems that...


How to cure itchy head after cradle cap on infant?

N.E. asks from Dallas

I hope someone can help/or have experience with this. My 9 month old son had cradle cap as a baby that went away somewhat on his own (with help from me picking of cou...


Mommy and Baby Products

M.M. asks from Las Vegas

I just had a quick question. I have several family members who are going to be having babies here really soon. I have my ideas of what to get them but I am requesting...