Any Advice on How to Treat a Dry Scalp??

Updated on December 17, 2007
R.W. asks from Feasterville Trevose, PA
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My 1 year old has a very dry, itchy scalp. He had eczema pretty bad for the first 6 months of his life, but now only has a few spots here and there. And then there is his dry itchy scalp. Problem is his hair. I try to cream him with baby oil or mousturizer, but it is very hard to do with all of his hair. I also use a humidifier in his room during naps and nighttime sleeping, which seems to help somewhat. We have forced hot air, so I know this is the main reason why he is having this dry spell. Any advice on products, etcs. would be much appreciated.

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answers from Harrisburg on

Try a dandriff shampoo. It has the same chemical that is in eczma treatments. Just appply massage well and rinse. Head and Shoulders is a great one to use! The extra lotins and oils can actualy make his eczema worse ! I have had exzema for all my life and have used dandriff shampoo dispite not having dandriff. My scalp still gets a bit itchy in the extreme cold, but it controlls the symptoms nicly. If he continues to have problems a few weeks after you start treatment he might need to be seen by a dermatologist for follow up treatment.

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answers from York on

Neutrogena T-gel.....It stinks, but It works wonders,,,I would ask you Dr. first before you use any dandruff shampoos on your 1 year old however



answers from Scranton on

Baby oil and lotions are not good for the scalp the can actually clog his hair folicals. Have you tried going to a beauty supply store and getting the scalp moisturizer they have there? They so have some childrens things like Pink Lotion would help.



answers from Philadelphia on

We use the Aveeno creamy fragrance free baby wash to wash our son's hair--he has eczema and a fragrance sensitivity. If your son is not so sensitive, Head and Shoulders Sensitive is probably a good call--it is supposed to moisturize the scalp.



answers from York on

My twin sons scalps were pretty bad when they were little, we only bathe them every 2 days (unless they need it obviously) and we used baby oil and a comb, that's what the pediatrician reccommended. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi R.,
My little girl had the problem with dry itchy scalp and my dr actually had me use head and shoulders on her a couple of times a week.You do have to be really careful about getting it in their eyes as it does sting.We used it and in about a week it cleared up now we only use it when I notice her needing it.



answers from Auburn on

My daughter has had problems with this too. My pediatrician recommended using dandruff shampoo. I used Head and Shoulders Sensitive formula on her and it worked wonders.



answers from Philadelphia on

I myself have had terrible bouts with Eczema and have found that the Burts Bee's Products work the best, I would stay away from Baby Oil and Johnson and Johnson products. Stick with natural Organic Products. Burts Bees has a baby line which might just be the perfect solution. ALso try a "soap free" body wash that is free of dyes and fragrance. I use a brand called Shikai. You can find all of this stuff at Whole Foods, or even your local health food store. I also have found that sometimes the people at those stores are alot of help, if you ask.



answers from Lancaster on


As someone who has battled eczema (even on the scalp) in the past, I discovered the best way for me to keep it cleared up is to avoid most typical commercial skin products, shampoos, cleansers, etc -when it flares up at the least, and use something organic with no parabens and most especially no artificial fragrances.
The Burt's Bees products are good to try. For more selection look under 'organic' on if you don't have a good health food store near you. I like aubrey organics and Jason organics and there are organic lines designed for babies which are fantastic for sensitive skin. Read labels on any product you use on your baby and you may have to research the ingredients one by one to learn which is most likely causing the problem.

Topically emu oil is nourishing-but is thick. Jojoba oil is thin and easier to get through the hair and also a great skin/hair treatment.

Best wishes.



answers from York on

Hi R.,
My daughter has the same problems (eczema, dry scalp).

I've found that a little bit of olive oil rubbed on her head has worked wonders.

What did you find worked for your son's eczema?


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