What Can I Do for My Daughters Very Dry Scalp

Updated on April 14, 2009
M.S. asks from Lincolnshire, IL
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My 8 year old daughter has horrible dandruff. Her scalp is just peeling away on the top of her head, not just flakes, but thick pieces of dry skin. What causes this, and how can I treat it? Thanks!

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I agree that what you are using on her hair now may also be the culprit. I use a tea tree oil shampoo but you must be aware of the ingredients of other shampoos out there since if they contain mineral oil or alcohol, they won't help the condition. Does she take vitamins? I good skin vitamin will help with that and I use a great one with CoQ10 and flaxseed oil. Products can cause reactions like this. How is the rest of her body's skin? Dry as well? How much liquid does she get in a day. Sometimes there is food allergies but I would definitely start the route of products and a good vitamin. Let me know if I can be of help to you and best of luck.

Wellness Consultant



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One issue could be that she is not rinsing her hair thoroughly. One item to try is a shampoo with tea tree oil since this does help some people with types of exzema. More stores sell this and you can get at a full service salon or spa. Also, drugstore.com is a good source. Of course, there are moms that sell natural products to try. If it is really bad and she has sores, I would have the doctor take a look or take her to a dermatologist. She could also be allergic to products she is using.



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I myself have sebboriac dermatitis on my scalp, and my 7 yr old had the same thing as well. My derm recommended I use the Neutogena T-Gel and Nitrozel shampoos. I do not use them everyday as they can be drying to the hair. My dermatitis comes and goes. I used the Neutrogen T-Gel shampoo on my daughter , and I am now using for her and myself, the Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner. It is made by Paul Mitchell, but I buy the generic one at Sally Beauty Supply.

Check with a dermatologist to see what they recommend.



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offers some good natural remedies and why we are prone to dandruff. Health or Natural Health Magazine had an article on natural remedies for haircare and used one cup of warm raw apple cider vinegar prior to shampooing, leaving in the hair for about 5min, good magazines you may want to pick it up this month.

Don't share brushes, eating foods high in zinc such as pumpkin seeds, avocados are good, limit sugar and dairy, you should notice a difference too.

Good Luck!
Maternal and Child Wellness Educator
Chicago Examiner Family Health Expert

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