Dry Hair or Scalp: Halo

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Frizzy Hair

A.Z. asks from Los Angeles

My 4 year old daughter has beautiful curly hair. The only problem is that it is very frizzy. She has a halo of hair around her head at all times. I'm just wonderin...


3.5 Yr Old Hair Won't Grow

S.D. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms, I am concerned that my adorable daughter's hair is growing sooo slow. I do not believe it is her diet because she is growing at a healthy rate and she ha...


Eight Year's Hair Is Extremely Knotty.

J.C. asks from Seattle

I need new ideas for my eight year old's hair. Her hair is extremely knotty at the back of her head. She loves her hair but we struggle over keeping it free of knots....


Losing Hair a Lot, 6 Months After Giving Birth

M.P. asks from Chicago

Before I got pregnant I colored my hair blonde for ~10 years, then I stopped and decided to grow out my natural brown hair so that I didn't need to use the chemicals ...


Questions for African American or Interracial Moms

L.G. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is interracial and I have no idea what products to put on her hair. Her hair is very tangly when I wash it . And after I wash and brush the tangles out I...