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Updated on November 08, 2011
C.K. asks from Cedar Falls, IA
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Hi, My 11 year old son sometimes has an itchy head. Not an all over itch mostly on the front top of his head. We went to the dermatologist since he does have eczema and the dermatologist said, after looking at his scalp for a minute, that the itchiness is mostly likely due to his eczema. We have checked for lice and he doesn't have that. My question is can you just have an itch here and there with eczema on the scalp? Some days he itches more and some days hardly at all. Also everything I have read said that scalp eczema causes rashes and flaking. I see none of that on his head. I had my mom look and she thought it was dry skin but again I don't see anything yet he still scratches every once in a while. Is this a normal type of reaction to eczema on the scalp? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! It just makes me nervous everytime he itches. Makes me want to check for little critters. He just told me his head was a little itchy in the back, of course I checked and nothing was there. I'm just one of these people that need to know WHY it itches sometimes with no visable rashes or anything. I guess I have anxiety and fear of lice so makes me very anxious everytime. Really want to believe it is just eczema, just don't see anything that resembles it. His hair is only about 1/2 inch all over so sometimes I wonder if his scalp is just more exposed to the elements and causing the eczema to get irritated and itchy. Anyway, Thanks again.

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I started having strange itching on my scalp that would come and go at random times, then I discovered I had a wheat allergy. Once I got off all wheat food items, hair care & skin care items containing wheat - the itching stopped. The itching also seemed bothersome in my bicep arm area, and I was getting increased frequency & severity of headaches.

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answers from Des Moines on

i have psoriasis on my scalp and it often starts on the edges of the scalp. it flakes terribly and is itchy during flare ups. after years of research and trial and error, the things that work best for me in summary are:
- diet changes (avoid tomatoes, greasy foods & potatoes)
- use coconut oil before bed every night. its a wonderful oil & natural. best to get it at the health food store, its more pure.
- try a shampoo with an olive oil base. i order mine online from



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Some people, get itchy heads, when stressed.
When younger, my daughter was like that.
My Husband, when younger, used to be like that.

Or, maybe his head is oily or dirty???
That can make it itch, too.



answers from Minneapolis on

My son went through an itchy, scaly scalp period and it was just dry skin. He is also prone to eczema. The doctor recommended a moisturizing anti-itch shampoo like Selsun Blue. It may be labeled a dandruff shampoo. They basically tackle itchy, scaly scalps.



answers from Washington DC on

Have you tried the product...selsun blue? I've read and heard great success stories with eczema. Here is the Google link ...

I just typed in "selsun blue for eczema"..

Maybe give that a try? Maybe try it on a normal use instead of regular shampoo. I know it works wonders for me with my itchy hair after using products and all.

Good luck!



answers from Duluth on

My daughter has psoriasis and has areas on her head as well. The dermatologist prescribed medication, but it can't be used on the head. The dr. recommended using Head & Shoulder's or equivalent shampoo. Now, besides the occasional itch, the rash is hardly there, except for a very small spot as hair line on the forehead. Hope this helps.



answers from Omaha on

Mine is intermittent and is a spot here or there. I do have flaking sometimes too and it gets to look irritated. But sometimes it will look perfectly healthy and be itching terrible. Other times it will mildly itch but they'll be so much dead skin I look like something out of a comedy movie. So his presentation in my experience could be eczema.



answers from Minneapolis on

What worked for me was shampoo with jojoba oil. Argan oil might do the same.

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