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Day Care V. Nanny for Strong-willed Toddler

Hello Moms - My 17-month-old daughter's part-time nanny is resigning, in part because she is not used to taking care of a strong-willed toddler. We would like to find someone who knows how to be respectful to my child, but who understands that the adult ultimately sets the rules and that sometimes, a toddler will cry and rebell, but that it is up to the adult to make the decisions. It took me weeks and weeks to find this nanny, and I'm not sure whether it is worth it to search for another part-time care taker. Instead, I was...

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"Disciplining" a 15 Month Old

Hi everybody. I need some help in handling my 15 month old when he is naughty. Of course I tell him "no" but sometimes he will continue to do what I have asked him to stop doing, sometimes a dozen times! I, in turn become angry, and shout at him. My two fears are: 1. that he will become one of those "out of control" children and 2. that I come off as somehow abusive. I will admit that sleep deprivation and nonstop care of my son leave me vulnerable, however, I need to get a grip. My husband works from home so he is there to whisk...