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Exersaucer Vs. Jumperoo

Hi, my daughter is 4 months old and her doctor said she's ready for the exersaucer. The only problem is I am torn between the jumperoo and an exersaucer. My daughter seems to get bored easily and I'm afraid jumping won't be enough to entertain her. However,I love the idea of her getting some exercise. We could get both, but they take up so much floor space. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!


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Walker V. Exersaucer

Ladies, our five month old loves to "stand" and to "pedal his feet". He isn't happy in his swing, insists on being upright, and hasn't managed a crawl. I'd love a walker, but I remember hearing these were dangerous. A bit more about us. we live in a 2 bedroom apartment. with all hardwood floors. There are no stairs to contend with. DS is our one and only. We haven't any pets. I'm back to work full time. Hubby is in grad school. Hubby and my parent's split childcare while I am at work. 1. what are the safety concerns? 2. would...