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Follow up to Earlier Question: Teaching Gratitude

I had posted earlier about my 4 year old DD flipping out at the mall today over a toy - picking one out, then changing her mind, then wanting both, and me not giving in. It really got me upset because it made me feel like my daughter knows nothing about being thankful for what she has but maybe at this age that's expecting a bit much. She will go a friend's house for a play date and any toy they have that she does not have, she thinks is the greatest thing ever and then wants the same thing for herself. On the other hand, she usually...

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Weaning a 14 Month Old

My oldest son, now 5, weaned himself at 14 months. His baby brother, however, does not seemed inclined to stop nursing on his own. He only really nurses 3 times a day, but he often wants to latch on just for comfort. He already uses sippy cups for juice and water, but he is allergic to milk so I don't know what I should try to give him instead. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!