Website Development for Someone Who's IT Challenged

Updated on July 31, 2012
S.G. asks from Sunnyvale, CA
5 answers

Hi Moms,

Do you have any suggestions for any websites or companies that help with website development for cheap? I own a cake/cupcake business and am looking to develop my own website. I'm not very familiar with website development and if there's a company that offers templates and provides web hosting services for cheap, that would be good to know. Please advice.


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answers from Dallas on

I've used The Design Parlor, and have been VERY happy. They are affordable, and really good.



answers from Chicago on

I also used Weebly. Free and easy. I paid for the domain name thru GoDaddy.



answers from Appleton on

Offers a free website with ads or a paid website without ads. Templates so all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Also look up google keywords to make sure you have the right words in you discriptions. This way the google spiders can find you.



answers from Columbus on

I use for my websites for my businesses. They are very affordable! You can get a domain name, website designer package, email, search engine optimization for under $200 (just depending on what you want). They also usually offer facebook, google, bing, and fotolia credits for advertising. My cousin-in-law just saved 25% off of their godaddy order by clicking on godaddy's ad on my website. As a small business owner myself, I know how crucial it is to save money anywhere you can. I can even design your site for you ($45 for 5 pages or $90 for 10 pages but you have to use website tonite through godaddy) if you would like and we can discuss through email or over the phone what you want on your site. Don't get tricked into thinking you have to pay hundreds for a website! If you decide to design it yourself, godaddy has tons of tutorials on everything they offer and their customer service is beyond excellent! If you are interested or have questions about anything send me a PM and I'll try to help you wherever I can. Good luck to you and your cake/cupcake business!!



answers from Washington DC on


Free domain. You pay for your own custom domain.
No ads, except for their footer, on free accounts. No footer on paid accounts. Your choice to have banner ads or not on either type.
Unlimited space and bandwidth.

Their site will tell you more.

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