Development: Toddler, Hydrocortisone

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Toddler's Urine Irritates His Skin

My 2-year old son has been trying out the potty. Usually he sits on it every night before bed (in addition to other times). The last few nights, he has peed while on the potty and some of his urine has ended up on the toilet seat (one that sits on top of the regular toilet seat). Within seconds he starts crying and scratching at his butt and genitals. I can tell it is irritating his skin and it makes him clench up his muscles and collapse. Tonight, he scratched so hard it made him bleed. We have given him Benadryl and put...

Coping with Death

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Rash on Breasts

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant. About 3 weeks ago my breasts started to get really itchy. It started slowly over a few days and then it was unbearable. It was like someone put itching powder in my bra! I washed all my bras and it didn't help. I haven't changed any detergents/soaps/perfumes, etc. I started putting my Palmer's stretch mark lotion on them because I thought maybe they were just "stretching" getting ready for the baby. It would only relieve the itching for a little while. I even tried some of my 3 yr old daughters...