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My Daughter Keeps Breaking Out??

Ok another question: My daughter is 4 1/2 months and she just recently started breaking out around her face. I tried changing to a fragrance free soap but she is still having break outs. I thought maybe I was kissing her too much?? I don't know what to do, I am really at a lost.... D. D

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21 Month Old with Ezcema?

Here's the situation my son has broken out with these tiny little bumps(no blisters or pus or anything just tine dry bumps) all over his belly and on the side of his belly and shoulders. He occassionally has them on his cheeks and around his mouth and chin area. I moisturize his skin constantly twice a day. His ped. and derm. keeps telling me that it's a form of ezcema but all the research that I have done and all the people that I know or have spoken with tell me that when you have ezcema it itches and awful lot, my issue is that my son...


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Aveeno Lotion for Baby

this is in regard to my first question 30mins ago... does anyone know if baby aveeno for eczema works??