Talking about Sex

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Girls Puberty and Birds & Bees Talk

C.M. asks from Indianapolis

What is a good age to start talking to daughter about puberty and the birds & the bees? Did you do them at same time or did you do the puberty talk first (body chang...


Birds & Bees Talk

L.H. asks from Tucson

Help moms! My daughter, Bailey, is 9 yrs old and we have never seriously discussed sex or her period. She is extremely moody and hormonal and, after talking to a few ...


Starting the Sex Talk--- Birds and Bees

F.M. asks from Portland

My daughter has started to ask questions about sex and I want to give her really good answers that will make her feel empowered and have a healthy attitude about sex...


Sex During Pregnancy?

S.T. asks from New York

18 1/2 weeks pregnant... sex or no sex? Who had intercourse during pregnancy? We have not been intimate since conception in October. Sometimes I feel like I want to h...


Sex During Pregnancy?

K.M. asks from Chicago

Hey, mamas. I have a personal question. My libido seems to have switched into overdrive since I have hit trimester 2 of my pregnancy. The problem is - my husband...


Sex During Pregnancy

H.S. asks from Kansas City

OK so my husband is always wanting to have sex. He can't keep his hands off me. But for some reason I am just never in the mood. And I feel terrible about it but some...


My Daughter Is Having Sex!

A.C. asks from Dallas

What does showing unconditional love look like when you have a hard time with your daughter having sex? What are your suggestions? What would it look like to you?


The Sex Talk

S.C. asks from Chicago

This came up at work today. How old were your kids when you had "the talk?" And do you have advice on what to say? I'd like to be open with my kids (age appro...



K.T. asks from Albany

How do I talk to my 11 year old son about sex?



A.A. asks from Anchorage

I know this will get everyones attention! SO MY QUESTION IS - When dose it become unhealthy for a relationship when the sex isnt that often. ????? Or should it even ...