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Kissing... with Tongue?

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Love it? Hate it? I used to be totally big on kissing, you know, the tongue-filled make-out kind... it was such a turn on for me... It could be so intimate or p...


Kissing at Age 8?

M.D. asks from Phoenix

My 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter came home from school Friday and my daughter told me a girl asked out my son so I started asking them questions and come to...


Siblings Caught Kissing

D.C. asks from Lansing

My almost 11 year old was caught kissing her 8 year old brother in an unbrotherly manner while they were watching TV in another room. They were both told that this i...


What Age Should He Stop Kissing His Friend?

J.G. asks from San Antonio

My son is an early 3 yrs old. His friend will be 4 in another month. "Joey" just came over for a play date and when he left with his mom, my son "V" gave him a hug a...



R.C. asks from Boston

I think I know the answer to this but I would like some opinions. When I got divorced I met a man that I care about very much. I thought I had friends but come to fin...


9 Yr Olds Kissing in the Bushes

L.K. asks from Denver

Please help! I just found out that my 9 yr old daughter and her best friend are kissing boys on the lips, and of course, lying to cover it up so they don't get into t...


Help! I Think My 11-Year-old Is Kissing Boys!

A.W. asks from Nashville

Okay, I may pay for this from you guys, but I did a little snooping last night... My 11-year-old bonus daughter left her cell phone on the kitchen counter. And yes,...


Sex and Intimacy

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

Alright so I have a sex question and I am not quite sure who to ask so I figured I would seek the advice of fellow mamas :) I have been married to my husband for 10 ...


Sex During Pregnancy?

S.T. asks from New York

18 1/2 weeks pregnant... sex or no sex? Who had intercourse during pregnancy? We have not been intimate since conception in October. Sometimes I feel like I want to h...


3-5 Year Olds Kissing, Talking About Being Married

B.Z. asks from Chicago

Hi, Mamas! My son is 4 and a half, and he's in his second year of Pre-K. Last year, his class was slightly more boys than girls. This year, with the same teacher, the...