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Son Needs Help with Phonics

My three and a half year old is a sweet little boy, but he needs some help with the way words sound. When he says fishy, it comes out as pussy. :/ I nearly died of embarrassment when he said, "Look mommy, pussies!" in Meijer. If anyone has any ideas of what I could do to help get his words to sound how they should, I would be really grateful to hear them; I am waiting on an application to YPS to get him enrolled in pre-school with their "special ed" area.

Growing Pains

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4 Year Old Son Having Bad Nightmares

Lately my son has been having BAD nightmares where he "wakes" up screaming our names in terror but won't wake up. He continues to have the nightmare and finally will wake up but scared to go back to sleep. Besides him dealing with growing pains in his legs, he is not getting enough sleep. Suggestions on how to wake up little ones from nightmares are greatly appreciated.

Makeup & Clothing

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How Much Do You Spend on a Typical Outfit for Your Toddler?

My hubby says that I spend too much money on our youngest. He says that he's only 2 years old and dont require all of that. I ususally spend $45 for a pair of sneaks and like $40 or so for an outfit. Now whats so wrong with that? How much do you spend?


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13 Month Old Wakes up with Soaked Diaper and Wet Pajamas Almost Every Morning!

My 13 month old is waking up almost every morning - sometimes too early - wet from the top of his diaper up his stomach. His diaper is completely soaked, too. We were using Pampers cruisers size 3, so I just moved up to size 4 because I thought a bigger diaper would help, but he's still leaking. He's average weight(23 lbs) but tall(33 inches) - not sure if that makes any difference with diapers. His bed time routine is bath, pajamas, books with a small cup of milk, brush teeth, and off to bed, so he has a new diaper within 30 minutes of...