Looking for a Good Book on Child Development

Updated on May 29, 2008
A.B. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hey moms, I'm looking for a good book on child development, kind of a general reference as to what I can expect from my child at what age. I want to know physically, emotionally, mentally, socially. I'm worried that I might be expecting too much understanding from my kids and I just want something scientifically based that will tell me if I'm in the ball park or not. Any suggestions will be given a fair shake, if there's a particular part of a book that you found useful, please share, I'm pretty good at weeding out what will work for me. Thanks in advance, I love having ya'll to go to for help.

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Have to ditto the Louise Bates Ames,Ph.D books. Just got done with Your Four Year Old- Friend or Enemy. They were written a long time ago but it is amazing how they still have the same characteristics in behavior over the years. Definitely an interesting read.

Another book that I liked - Einsten Never Used Flash Cards has helped me along the way when the 'pressure' of preschool and academics seems to over take your life. Great information on statisics from Japan, etc. and how the creativity, imagination part is such a crucial role vs. academics at an early age.

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Hey A.,
There are a series of book written by Louise Bates Ames,Ph.D. and Frances L ILG, M.D. The titles of the books are One-Year-Old, Two-Year-Old and so on. I have a Degree in Child Development and they are wonderful books. Anything written by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. you can't go wrong with.
Hope this helps,

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Hi A.,
Boy you are busy LIKE me! I like the preschool love and logic books. I orderedthem from Mardel.
Good Luck!



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Hi, A. -

I enjoyed reading the "What To Expect..." series by Heidi Murkoff, Sandee Hathaway, and Arlene Eisenberg (What to Expect the First Year, for example).

Also, here is a good webiste to look at:


Hope this is helpful!

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