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Updated on August 19, 2009
D.S. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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My son is 21 months and changing so fast. It's fun and also confusing at times. I would love to study the developmental phases he is going though...I am interested in what he is learning at each phase, what his body and brain are up to, what is the developmental now read from a past post that he is about defining who he is, is the world safe, can he trust others...that really interested me and had made me very excited to provide the best environment possible...
thank you for all your advice....

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answers from Phoenix on is great. The send me a weekly or monthly email (I can't remember) on my each of my children's development, as well as ideas of games to play with them at those stages. I got some great ideas from there and the articles usually are quick to read.


answers from Albuquerque on

I agree with the other reply that suggested Baby Center. However, I kind of feel that Baby Center is more common sense stuff... if you want to learn more in depth about your child's development, you might consider a Child Development textbook. I am majoring in Family Studies right now with a strong emphasis in early childhood development. The classes are absolutely fascinating. Try! It's a great place to get used textbooks for under $20. You might even be able to find some for under $5 since you wouldn't care if they are the outdated version like a student would. If you lived in my town, I'd be happy to lend you some of my old books, but I'm sure Albuquerque is a bit of a drive. ;)



answers from Albuquerque on

For both of my kids I signed up for weekly emails from! They were very helpful for us!!



answers from Phoenix on

I also have loved and for developmental info. I subscribe and get wekly emails regarding each of my kids and their respective developmental stage. is also a good source of real world experienced moms and teachers resources along with educational tools for you to use in encouraging positive growth and development in your toddler. You can also check out for some great community resources.

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