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2 Year Old Still Chewing Everything

My almost 2 year old (will be 2 in a week) still chews on everything!! I noticed about 3 months ago that this was not normal as most of his peers had already outgrown this. I didn't worry figuring he'd still outgrow it...just later. But now it's affecting his schooling. He got "demoted" from his new classroom because they work with small objects and they are scared he'll choke! It's terrible because I know and they say he's mentally ready for the next class...but this chewing thing keeps him out. Furthermore, he was having small...

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Is First Years or Evenflo Breast Pumps Any Good?

When my son and daughter were born premature, the WIC offices where I lived provided a motorized Medella pump supplied from a medical supply store. Obviously this was very good. I know that Medellas are sold in Target but I also seen other brands. Is there an "off" brand ie, Evenflo, First Years, etc. that is comparable but without the price??