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Updated on January 31, 2011
A.B. asks from Dallas, TX
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I'm looking for a good general child development book. Physical, emotional, social, mental. I'm worried I'm expecting too much from my kids and I want kind of a reference to see if I'm in the ballpark. Thanks!

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"Touchpoints" by T. Barry Brazelton. There are 2 books (0-3 years and 4-6 years) and they cover developmental stuff, discipline, challenges that parents might face, potty training, etc.

Love LOVE his books - they're very reassuring to parents, even-handed, and he's a well-known and respected pediatrician.



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Read the baby and kid bible "The Baby Book" from Dr. Sears.

Anything Dr. Sears will work.

The Sears family has a book on EVERY subject. from nutrition to discipline to ADHD.

I have a MEd in EL ED, so I've read them all. I've read 100s of books on children, teaching, etc.

It's the BEST.



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The Wonder Years by Tanya Remer Altmann (MD, Fellow AAP) is a fantastic book. Here are the names of the chapters:

-Fine Motor Development
-Sensory Development
-Mental Development
-Social and Emotional Development
-Bowel and Bladder Development
-Developmental Concerns
-Factors Affecting Development

In each section, there is an 'approximate timing of events' and a 'parental participation'. I absolutely love how it gives parents ideas on age-appropriate activities and games to help them with developmentally appropriate activities. I'm a first time mom and this is all 'new' to me, so I wanted to get an idea from someone who works with tons and tons of children as my experience is very narrow and limited. I have found the book to be such a wonderful help, especially the 'parental participation' area.



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Can't help you out with books because I never used them. I think the talking to other parents or being involved with a play group is better than any book. Books give you advice on an average over view. Advice should be from people who live in the same demographic area you do. Getting advice from someone who lives in New York or LA is not the same as living in McHenry Co.
If you children will be go to public school you can contact the school district and them for advice on what you children will need to know when the time comes for Kindergarten. If you are going to home school contact a local home school group or home school co-op (such as Heartland Home School Workshops in Crystal Lake) and they will be glad to help you.
Use you instincts, and you will do just fine. You have 5 children and I bet they are a true joy.


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