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Should I Donate My Son's Clothes or Keep Them for Brother

Hey Moms, This probably sounds silly, but I want to know what other moms do. My storage room is very limited in space. My two sons are 4 years apart. My oldest is 4-1/2 years and his brother is 6 mos. I have been saving my oldest son's clothes for the youngest and have accumulated quite a bit. I'm wondering, since my storage space is very limited, if I should just donate my oldest son's clothes instead of hanging on to them for his little brother. Is four years a huge change in clothing styles? I've never been down this road...


Having Friends Over?

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel...

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WANTED: Singing Puppets That Entertain!

Alrighty so my son has just began to enter the tv stage. Right now he'll watch tv as long as..... they're puppet (barney, babybop etc.) that sing.. lots of singing is important.. so my problem is that i am absolutely sick of barney lol. Anyone know any other singing puppet (not really sure what they're called) and the wiggles is out for some reason he takes no interest in it at all. PLEEEEASE someone give me an idea.


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Panicing About Christmas Time Already.

I'm trying to think of presents for my 3 year old son. I'm glad he's not at an age of Wei's or Guitar Hero's just yet. My husband has been unemployed for about 6 months now and money is really tight. What kind of make at home presents do people do at low cost or no cost? I don't know how to sew. I am checkng on freecycle for legos, lincoln blocks, and puppets. Any other ideas? And how does one get on toys for tots?


Arts and Crafts

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any good ideas for arts and crafts. I am...