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Sam's Club Formula and Diapers

My mother in law and sister in law have a membership to sam's club and want to buy diapers from ther but i prefer Luvs and they said they do not sell them there they sell huggies, pampers and sam's brand. I do not like huggies adn was wondering about the sam's brand. Also formula i like the target brand has anyone had issues or concerns with the sam's brand of powdered formula.

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Sam's Club Formula

I have an 11 week old formula fed baby.(I was not able to breastfed as I...


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Sam's Club or Costco ???

Hi, my friend took me to Sam's club this weekend and I liked a lot of their stuff.... So I went over to Costco and checked out their stuff and they also had quite a bit I could use.... Now I'm wondering which of them would be worth the membership fee.... Where do you shop and how often do you shop there ??? Thanks in advance !!!!!!!


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Sam's Club or Costco???

I have been going to Costco forever which I love their products and especially their return policy, but now I live at the area that Sam's Club is closer than Costco... Mostly I heard that Sam's Club and Costco are pretty much the same... Now My questions to all the fellow moms that what do you think of each of them, which one do you like and what do you like about them??? Thanks for the help. ^_^


Organic or Not????

Want to know what others know/think about organic food/ organic everything...