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Where to Buy Huggies Overnights

I remember an old post of a mom looking for an overnight diaper. I knew of Huggies Overnights but had not found them anywhere local. Only place I have seen them is 4 hours away near my mothers. Lots of people responded that they were hard to find but they are out there somewhere. Could anyone share with me exactly where? I live in Cleveland Heights, so if you are an east sider and know of somewhere close that would be great, but for sure closer than 4 hours would be great. The Huggies web site says the closest in in Erie PA. I ran...

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Is There a Generic Huggies?

We have always used Huggies diapers but I was wondering if there is a generic brand that is the same? My son is allergic to Pampers and the only other diaper we have tried was Huggies. We have been scared to try anything else because of his reaction to them. We are about to have a second baby and I am trying to find ways to save money so I thought I would investigate other brands of diapers. Any recommendations for something similar to Huggies and works for little boys would be greatly appreciated.


Dress up for Boys...

I am interested in getting my son (22 mths) some boy dress up clothes. I...


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Best Detergent to Use for Washing Newborn Clothes

hi moms, i'm a first time expectant mum who lives in north dallas(royal by I-635 area)and was wandering what is the best detergent i can use to wash my newborn's clothes(something very cost effective and very mild as well). secondly, i have not worked for a while and low on cash, i was wandering what stores i can buy diapers the cheapest in the dfw area.trhank you all.


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Question About Formula

Right now I am feeding my daughter Enfamil Lipil. As you all know, it is very expensive. The big can is $23.99. That is a lot especially when you have to buy 1-2 every week. I was looking at the Publix brand formula and the ingredients match perfectly. Exactly the same stuff in each type of formula, but the price, wow, much cheaper! Can I get your thoughts to switching to the store brand formula. Why you would or would not switch. I have not talked to her doctor yet about it. Wanted to get insight from you all first. Thanks so much!!!