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3T Little Boys Clothes

I am looking for summer clothes for my son. Does anyone know of a cheap resale that has good quality clothes or maybe you know someone personally that has some and needs the extra cash. We as most families are strapped and with it being so warm already, my man needs some stuff.

Costumes & Make Believe

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My Little Pony Cakes or Cupcakes

Do you know of any place that makes My Little Pony cakes or cupcakes? Meijer, Jewel, Dominick's and Costco don't. Thanks.


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Seeking Recommendations for Physicians, Discount Stuff, Food Co-ops, Church

Hi! My name is T. and I just moved to Lousiville from Concord, NC. I am looking for doctors. I need a good cardiologist, an internal medicine or family physician, a physical therapist and a dentist! I like physicians who listen well, are kind and are of course very knowledgeable in their field. I am on medication for depression, so someone who is knowledgeable in that area would be helpful too. I am on a tight budget so suggestions for local places to find good buys ie discount, thrift, etc. Are there any food co-ops in this area or...


To the Young Mom's

I had my son shortly after I turned 21 and gained around 80 pounds give or...


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Need Recipes for Easy Snacks,dips Ect

My son is Graduating from the Police acadamey and, with my funds very low I want to have a little family party but don't want to ask anyone to bring anything, so I need ideas on easy affordable snacks that taste great. Maybe have one hot dish? I don't know as you can tell I'm so lost on what to make. Thanks Mama's


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Meijer or Kroger

Has anyone compared prices at Meijer and Kroger? I can't tell which one has the lowest prices. It seems to me that maybe groceries are lower at Kroger while produce is lower at Meijer. There is no doubt that deli meats are lower at Meijer. I would rather shop at Kroger as it is less crowded and crazy, but not if I end up spending more. What have you all find to be best?


Organic or Not????

Want to know what others know/think about organic food/ organic everything...


Organic Baby Food

We recently started feeding rice cereal to our 5 month old. I have been...

Special Occasion Clothes

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Birthday Party Menu

My daughter's birthday is not till August, but I am trying to get some idea of what I want to serve. I am totally lost. I know the usually pasta salad and fruit salad. It is going to be pretty laid back, just immediate family and some friends. It is going to be held out my house. Any ideas for the main dish? We always have the fall back of hot dogs and hamburgers, but I am not really sure i want my husband standing at a grill all afternoon. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!