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Looking for Advice on Pampers Coupons

Where is the best place for me to find coupons for Pampers? I can find Huggies coupons everywhere, but I just don't like those. Where is everyone finding theirs?

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Changes to Pampers

As anyone noticed that the Pampers Baby Dry pampers have changed. I hate the new stretchy diapers that the baby dry has changed to. The old style was the only diaper that fit my child properly and never leaked. Now they leak, don't hold very much, don't stay in place, and sag. There was no warning or anything, and nothing even written on the packages. Even the picture on the package is the old style diaper. The original Koala grips and non stretch were amazing, and the best diaper out there. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to...


Dress up for Boys...

I am interested in getting my son (22 mths) some boy dress up clothes. I...


Dress up Day

Hi Ladies, I need help. My daughter's school is having a Disney dress up...


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Question About Formula

Right now I am feeding my daughter Enfamil Lipil. As you all know, it is very expensive. The big can is $23.99. That is a lot especially when you have to buy 1-2 every week. I was looking at the Publix brand formula and the ingredients match perfectly. Exactly the same stuff in each type of formula, but the price, wow, much cheaper! Can I get your thoughts to switching to the store brand formula. Why you would or would not switch. I have not talked to her doctor yet about it. Wanted to get insight from you all first. Thanks so much!!!