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Seeking Advice on Digital Camera for a 5 y.o. Boy

S.M. asks from Naples

My child would like Santa to bring him a digital camera for Christmas. I am willing to do this, but not sure what to buy. I need something really sturdy (dropable),...


Leap Pad vs V-smiles

C.B. asks from Dallas

I am already starting to thik ahead for Christmas and 2nd Birthday coming up. My daughter loves the computer yet we try to limit time with DVD's and computer. She lit...


Can' Find This Toy

R.O. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I recently saw a commercial, or thought I did, and don’t remember what brand/model the item was. Can anybody help? I seemed to be a learning system ...


Need Good Electronic Reader for 4-6Yr Old

K.B. asks from Denver

Hi Moms, I have two younger daughters, one that is six on the spectrum that developmentally is about a year behind (has a lot of trouble remembering) and my 4yr old ...


Slow Start in the Academic World...

G.S. asks from Dallas

Dear mommies, I have not been the best parent to my 1st grader when he was a preschooler and kindergartener. Apparently he is not as interested in school and reading...


When Was Your Child Able to Use the Computer for Simple Games?

A.R. asks from New York

We made the mistake of showing our Thomas-crazy 2.5 yr old the Thomas the Tank engine web site, and youTube, where you can ALWAYS watch a Thomas video. Now he wants t...


My 3 Year Old Step Child Won't Say Anything and Won't Potty Train

N.B. asks from Little Rock

I have a 4yr old step daughter and a 3 yr old step son. My husband and their mother have never been together since their son was born and their mother is also with a ...


Which Is the Best Child's Computer?

C.S. asks from Dallas

My five year old is all over our computer! I would like to reclaim the family computer and I know a simple toy is not going to hold her attention. Even an advanced ...


My 3 Year Old Won't Answer Questions

D.E. asks from Cincinnati

My youngest will be 3 this month. He is starting a pre-school like program next month. He has a well child and physical scheduled next week and I plan on speaking wit...


Controlling the Toy & Book Situation

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

I am in the midst of a deep spring cleaning and organizing spree. It's one of those "getting back to basics" type things where I'm tempted to get rid of everything bu...