Spiderman Movie for a 5 Year Old?

Updated on July 09, 2012
J.M. asks from Doylestown, PA
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Has anyone seen the new spidey movie? My ex let my daughter see all of the other movies, so at this point if it's no worse I am fine with taking her. So did anyone see the nex spiderman movie. If a 5 year old (4 at the time she watched the others over and over) liked the previous 3 would they like this one?

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answers from Kansas City on

I let my 5 year old watch animated superhero stuff, but I haven't let her watch any live-action yet. My mom thinks that's crazy, but I don't really want her to see people getting shot and stuff! (Or, I guess, seeing her mom bawl through parts of the Avengers might have been upsetting as well...)

The problem for M. is always the violence. For some reason, I'm ok with the animated violence but when it's real person on real person violence, I won't let her watch it yet.

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answers from Washington DC on

Go with the rating. It is PG-13 and that is J. below R. Why let her see it J. because your ex let her see others (on video?)? You don't have to back up his poor choices.

Also if she saw the others on video and you took her to the theatre for this one, you might be surprised how much, much louder and bigger and scarier she would find it. On a video the kid can feel in control, but in the theatre, they can't stop the movie if it gets too intense.

I think it was inappropriate for your ex to let her see the other ones, anyway. Even if they were rated PG instead of PG-13. I would question what else he thinks it's OK for a kid this young to see.

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answers from Chicago on

Hmmm, I'd be a poor gauge--I won't even take my 5 yr old to see "Brave" :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

We went to see it yesterday. I had a boy about 10 sitting next to M.. He was well behaved (thank goodness!), but honestly, he was bored.

I loved the movie. It was very character intensive. Not as "action packed" as I remember the others being. It certainly did not keep this fella next to M. attention. He had a few fidgety moves that J. a stare from M. seemed to nip in the bud.

There were not very many kids in the theater for a Sunday afternoon (probably kids at afternoon parties and what not on a finally cooler summer day for us after our 100* week here in MN), but there was one far from us who talked alot. Maybe 5-6 years old. Alot of "Why this and who is that" sort of stuff. Could not seem to keep up.

I J. think it delves more to the character development, the actual story lines, etc. A smaller child is going to get bored with all of that I feel.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would never allow a 5-year-old to see a PG-13 movie, video or in a theater, but that's my opinion. I think they are too intense and usually involve swearing, romance and/or violence. My 12-year-old started seeing some PG-13 movies at about age 9-10, but I usually check them out first and sometimes even now they are too intense for him. My son at 5 also wouldn't have been able to sit through a movie that long. Personally, I would rather see the new Madagascar movie!

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answers from Phoenix on

We saw it. It would be too scary for my 9 yo, but he is sensitive to stuff like this. He even said himself he didn't want to see it because he thought the preview was too scary. LOL! But he has seen the Transformer movies and was ok with them.

I think it depends on what your kid is used to seeing. My husbands nephews have seen horror movies since they were very small (like 3ish) so nothing phases them.

If in doubt, see it yourself first or wait to rent it. Better safe than sorry. That's what we do. Good luck.

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answers from New York on

We watched parts of the other 3 with my 4 year old son recently and he was ok with it. I considered taking him to the new one but decided not to for several reasons 1) It's long 2) It's PG 13, not even PG 3)I saw some of the scenes and I think they would be too intense for him. Once was a car on fire hanging of a bridge with a young boy inside. Spidey saves him of course. I would skip it and get it on video later on...but like I said, I only saw a preview online and not in the theatre.

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answers from Washington DC on

I took my boys 9 & 12 to see it. I liked it and they liked it.

Is there violence? Yes.
Is there swearing - I think one or two but nothing like the F*bombs that are dropped in other movies.

If she didn't have a problem with the others - she shouldn't have a problem with this one.

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answers from Tampa on

I took my 6 year old son to see it for our mommy/son date and he loved it! He reads the comics and watches all the original cartoons so he's familar with the story anyways. I think movies depends on the kids. My son for instance loves movies like ghost rider and zombie land. He's even seen Abraham Linchon Vampire Hunter. I personally liked this spiderman best because it's the only one that really followed the comics, but that's another story:) I say take her and enjoy

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answers from Dallas on

I like to use CommonSenseMedia.com as a guide. They rate it most appropriate for a 12 yr old. http://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-reviews/the-amazing....

They rated the other ones good for 11 yr olds, so it seems the movies are all pretty comparable. So, if she was fine with the others, she'll probably be fine with this one too.

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answers from Boca Raton on

My son is 5 years old and saw it on Saturday at a birthday party... It was fine :) As long as their mature enough to know the movie is fake and we don't act out any of those stunts at home (I have a boys boy) :) He was a little bored at times~

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