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6 Year Old Daughter Wants to Shave Legs

J.M. asks from Buffalo

My 6 year old daughter refuses to wear shorts or dresses without tights or leggings because she said she is embarrassed of her hairy legs. My husband and I have never...


5 Year Old Daughter Still Having Potty Accidents...

M.P. asks from Seattle

Hello, My daughter is 5-1/2 years old and still having blatant accidents. I am at my wits end, and I'm not sure what to do. She went through a period after pot...


Feedback on Pediatricians - Either Dr. Lauren Crosby or Dr. Peter Waldstein?

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi friends, I am trying to choose a pediatrician and I am due on Monday. We met with both Dr. Waldstein and Dr. Crosby (based on recommendations from our docs and o...


Picky 5 Year Old Starting Full Time Kindergarten

N.G. asks from Chicago

My 5 year old son has started full day kindergarten. He brings his lunch to school, but he is a really picky eater. We are now down to chicken nuggets, grilled chee...


Winter Hats for My 5 Year Old

M.W. asks from New York

Does anyone have any suggestions of where I can buy my 5 year old daughter winter hats online? I tried amazon but the really good warm winter hats are mostly for inf...


What Kinds of Chores Do Your 6 Year Olds Do?

R.E. asks from Dallas

I want to start giving my 6 year old son some chores around the house. What chores do your children have? How do you enforce them? What is your consequence if they...


Help in Teaching 5 Year Numbers

B.V. asks from Chicago

I need to teach my 5 year old son numbers 1-50 by february and i need help in how to teach him. He is just not getting it. He will start counting from 1 to 12 and t...


6 Year Old Triplets

S.H. asks from Washington DC

My sister is a proud mother of 6 children, Matt 21, Jason 20, Steven 10, Leeta,Lauren,Linda,6. Well her girls have always taken a bath together..always to save water ...


Only Child

M.M. asks from Washington DC

My three year old son is always talking about his friends, having friends over, how he wishes he had a brother or sister (or cat)... I worry about him being an only c...


Question for Moms Who Have More than 1 Child

N.D. asks from Chicago

Regardless how old you are, and regardless if you are full time worker or a SAHM, looking back, how many years apart is ideal for your children being born? 2yrs apart...