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Looking for Best Digital Camera for Kids

S. asks from Houston

Hi, My 6-year-old is very interested in photography. I have read hundreds of reviews that have said that the Fisher-Price, Little Tykes, V-Tech, and other lesser-kno...


Need Help on Christmas Gifts

B.F. asks from Indianapolis

i am struggling trying to get my brother to tell me what his 3 kids want for christmas, i know i am out of the current fads and have no idea what to get them, the 5 y...


3 Kids, 1 TV. Help!

J.O. asks from Detroit

My 4-year-old gets 2 hours a day of TV. He chooses what and when. His siblings, 3 and 1, showed no interest in TV. Now, the 3-year-old wants to watch too and reques...


Raising a Smarter Baby

E.B. asks from Dover

Ok, well, I know this sounds silly but here it goes...during my pregnancy (against doctors orders) my boyfriend had me taking fish oil and lecethin supplements becaus...


2 Year Old Daughter Interested in Really Learning Her Letters, Help With

E.F. asks from Chattanooga

HI! I am a mom of a 6 year old who is reading great for being in first grade, but my 2 year old who looks up to her brother and wants to do what he is doing all the t...


Train or Plane?

S.C. asks from Lafayette

My wonderful 50 something mother and her long time fiancee' (they live in Sacramento, CA) have decided to tie the knot this summer. The problem: they're doing it in ...


Want to Transtion 1 Year Old from Rocking to Sleep to Falling Asleep Alone

K.H. asks from Memphis

My son just turned 1 this month and since he was born we have rocked him to sleep. It wasn't really a concious choice, he 9 times out of 10 feel asleep while nursing ...


Setting Limits on Tv/video Games

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Mamas! I have a 5 year old son and 1 year old daughter. So far my son only watches PBS along with some disney movies. He loves legos, blocks and creative pla...


What Are Some Suggestions on How to Teach the ABC'S and 1,2,3'S ?

C.S. asks from Chicago

hi moms, just curious as to what age and some approaches other moms have taken to teach there children the basics. My daughter just turned 4 and is in her 2nd year of...


Mom of Only Child, Dealing with Loneliness

M.M. asks from Austin

I am a mother of one child, and although I want more children, it has not happened yet. My precious son is constantly asking me to play with him. And I do, as often...