5 Year Old Girls - Ideas for Chistmas

Updated on November 21, 2010
M.J. asks from Downers Grove, IL
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Hi Mamas! I'm curious to know what your 5 year old daughter(s) are into at this age? I had a conversation with my MIL today about Christmas ideas and all my 5-1/2 dd is asking for for Christmas is a DSi. My husband has a DS that she sometimes plays with (prefers that to her Leapster) but now that she's in school alot of her classmates have DSi's or DSxl's. I feel like those are older kid toys and that we've skipped pretty quickly over Barbie, My Little Pony, etc.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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answers from Honolulu on

Perler Beads kits (look on Amazon. Even my7 year old daughter loves these)

Littlest Pet Shop

Craft Kits

Liv Dolls



Shrinky Dinks

tie-Dye t-shirt kit.

Games by the brand "Think Fun." My kids, like the "Chocolate FIx" game. We have many of games from this brand. Its awesome and promotes problem solving and creativity... its for adults AND kids. Barnes & Noble carries it as well as Amazon etc.

(NO, DSi for a 5 year old). Too young and too expensive. My Daughter, got her DS at 7 years old... but it was from my In-Laws... just because her TEN year old cousin, has one. My Daughter, hardly, uses it.

Leapster games (my kids are 4 & 7 and they still play their Leapster.)

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answers from Jacksonville on

If she has access to your hubby's DS, then I would let that be. She doesn't need the upgraded systems... they have music players and cameras, and a larger video screen. But why would a 5-6 year old need ANY of those things??? Perhaps buy her a new game or two that she can play on Dad's DS. That's as far as I would probably take that.. unless dad doesn't like sharing his game. lol

My kids (9 and 12) still get excited when I buy a new pack of plain old play-doh. Yep. The white, blue, red and yellow pack. $1.98 at walmart. They went nuts when I bought some last week for my 7th graders language arts project (he made a set of false teeth with the white, to go along with a report on George Washington). They played for hours with the stuff. And the Model Magic (by Crayola) is awesome too!

Get her a new "contraption" to "make" playdoh animals or whatever, and some new playdoh.. and she'll be happy as a clam for weeks. ;)

My kids also both want PillowPets. Which are now available at Belks and Target, not just online or over the phone from TV. $20 a piece.
Just go browse the aisles at your nearest Michael's Arts and Crafts, and I'm sure you can come up with TONS of ideas that all cost under $15 each.
Have fun with it. She's only 5!

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter is 6. She is asking for a disney princess castle. It looks like it also comes with tiny houses for all of the other princesses. I need to look into it further :)

I would not even give my 8 year old a DSi. Santa bought her a DS last year. There are so many other fun things for the little ones. There is also a new twister. I am not sure if it is too old for them though.

S H. is rigght, my 6 and 8 year old love littlest pet shop :)

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answers from San Francisco on

my girls are almost 9YO and by their own choice don't have any electronic games - they've always preferred things like art supplies, building things like k'nex and lego, and hands-on pretend play kinds of things. Or how about something like quad skates or a Razor scooter for her to have some outdoor fun?



answers from Chicago on

I have a 5 and 7 year old (daughters). They have been begging for the unicorn, lady bug, and dolphin pillow pet. you can get them online!!!! www.pillowpet.com



answers from Los Angeles on

Hopefully you kind find her some great things besides (or in addition to) the DSi, since she is still young and should focus more on toys and games that boost imagination and creativity.

I sell Discovery Toys and we have some great toys out there for five year olds. We are running some good promotions this month as well, so it's a perfect time to start your holiday shopping.

You can view all of my toys at http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/karenchao Here are a few of my favorites for 5 year old girls:

A to Z Jr: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Money! Money! http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

One Odd Old Owl: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

There is one more, called Fashion Friends, which is a great mix and match doll toy (lots of heads, bodies, legs, outfits and accessories). It is currently backordered but expected to be available later this month. Check back on my site or email me directly and I'll let you know when it's here.




answers from New York on

Thank you, I have the same problem, so my daughter will get a DS Lite ( yes I know a older vision!!!!!) and ( I know I'm cheap!!!) I bought it in ebay pearl pink for $ 65 because $179 or something like that for 1 toy for a 5 year old one, o no, maybe when she is older ( much)
Thanks again, merry christmas, S.



answers from Atlanta on

I'm thinking of getting a DS for my child who will be 6 in December. She loves loves loves computer games and a DS would be great for car trips and doctor's office waiting rooms.

Last year she got a Barbie Townhouse and she has really loved it.



answers from Chicago on

Like some of the other moms mentioned... my daughter loves arts & crafts stuff, even Target has several shelves of this stuff back by their toys.

She is also asking for clothes for her American Girl dolls.

She likes My Little Pet Shop, Polly Pockets, Little Ponies & is wishing for the "houses" or larger items to go with those things.

Legos are a big hit here, too.

The last things on her list... books, books, books. I am not joking.

Periodically, I take my kids (5 & almost 3 YO boy) to TRU or Target, or the bookstore with pen & paper & have them add to their X-mas list. They love this, actually spend a good hour "hunting" for things they are wishing for. The things they have the most reaction to, or talk the most about, I put @ the top of the list to try & get. Maybe you could even take her to Michael's.

They don't have electronic games or motorized toys, just too expensive & kids I know with them, either have quickly lost interest in or outgrown them.

Hope that helps!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My 5 yo girl loves crafts, board games, leapster, playdoh, activity books, playing with her dollhouse, books, fancy writing tablets, Barbies, ponies, princesses, fairies.

I buy my kids things that interest them, but also try to expose them to things I think they will like but maybe not know about or maybe have never thought of. So the way I approach buying presents for Christmas is to do something like giving them something to read, an activity book, a leapster game, a Wii game, some game/toy that gets them to move (run, jump, etc), a craft, something that they request that is just fun for them. If I can stick within the themes they like (barbies, princess, super heros, etc) I try to do that. I guess the point I am trying to make is that I honor my kids requests to a point but I consider budget, how much I think something will acutally get used, if I think it is an age-approporiate gift (either because of cost, content or otherwise) and if I think there are things I think would be beneficial or fun for them to have/play with/ experience. HTH.



answers from New York on

my kids got their DSI for kindergarten graduation (age 5). they love it but not as much as their leapsters. their games are expensive but i think i don't regret getting them.
my 6 year olds are asking for a barbie jeep for xmas. if i do get it, i will get one for both that seats two kids. i will also get them a sled, a wooden one. my kids aren't big on barbies or dolls or stuff like that. so the major purchase will be this barbie jeep and then arts and crafts stuff.

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